I’m really excited to share this blog with you about our recent family vacation. Every year my family and I take a trip somewhere in the world to a place/ destination we haven’t been before; usually to celebrate someone else’s accomplishment or just celebrate being together again.

This year my nephew Josh graduated high school and has joined the United States Army. In honor of Josh’s accomplishments-we knew exactly what to celebrate.

The family vacations require a lot of planning, saving money and trying to get as many family members who want to attend vacation to the location.

Several of my family members have branched off and have large families of their own.

We started planning the year before, usually my sister Shanae is the most organized so we leave most of the logistics to her. Each family is responsible for booking and paying for their own group.

One of my favorite things that we do as a family are custom t-shirts. For this year, we decided on wearing green t-shirts; it was such a life saver when it was time to find one another on the cruise.

The cruise we took was 5 days to ocho Rios, Jamaica. Unfortunately, my husband is deployed once again and couldn’t be there with us. Of course, my husband has been in his share of trips with the family, but we always miss and wish he was with us.

We started the family vacation in Florida. We stayed at a beautiful hotel. The children were able to swim all day, eat pizza and have a good time. The day of the embarking of our cruise ship, the family and I wore green shirts.

Not only did we celebrate my nephew Josh’s graduation, but also being together as a family.

The laughs were endless and the memories we created made another beautiful trip. I seriously love my family so much. We ended up taking a family group photo the first night of the cruise and my 3 year old was so sleepy. Check out this group picture below.

The food on the trip was also amazing, I think I gained about15 pounds. I added a few pictures of my delicious meals.

The endless 24 hour pizza had me captured with love. Some of you may laugh, but I’m so serious. My 3 year old enjoyed eating ice cream for breakfast and also for dessert for dinner.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was going to the beaches in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands; the water was absolutely beautiful and warm. No worries or cares in the world is a great place to be in. My son Jaxon really enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand.

Margaritaville in Jamaica was also really cool, it had a nice little restaurant that was on the beach with a pool and water slide.

Of course it was hard for me to capture all the great moments because we were so busy living and enjoying them. Each vacation allows our bonds to grow and relationships to blossom.

The day before our final cruise day we took my son Jaxon and niece to a very special breakfast, “The Cat in the Hat, green eggs and ham”. Definitely memorable to say the least.Not only did we have a great breakfast with The Cat in The Hat ,but also with his character friends Thing 1 and Thing 2.

To see more of our family trip head over to my YouTube channel. Link below:)

Thank you all so much for reading. See ya in the next blog post!

Celebrating My Birthday !

I really enjoyed my birthday and wanted to share my AMAZING trip in video form. Make sure you all are following me on YouTube, like, comment and share…

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Life Updates (2/20/18): Answering your questions!

Life updates and a few changes

Many of you have wondered where I have been? It’s been a hot minute since my last blog post. Please forgive me, so much has been going on.

Let me first address the questions I constantly get asked.

Why did I return to making videos on YouTube?

Initially when I decided to stop making YOUTUBE videos, it was because I had a lot of people following me on there that were just nosey folks or ex associates that didn’t care to communicate in real life;basically stalked my every move online.. It was really bad. But I have made a choice to start again and won’t let anyone stop me for doing what I love. Plus YOUTUBE is my creative outlet to just be free and do what I want.

I also felt at that previous time that the content I was putting out wasn’t authentic and just wanted to stop all together. It was a good break and gave me an opportunity to start over and fresh. Fast forward to now; I’m doing what I love and most people don’t know I’ve started over. I’ve had a few people comment on how much they can relate to me. Now my videos focus on what I love like my family, my relationship with God, food, college and my home.

I wanted to capture moments to look back at, I’ll discuss that further down. I know I have several readers across the world and if you want to see more of a glimpse of my life check out my channel Mia Joy!

What about school? How is college? Are you still applying for the dental hygiene program?

School is very time consuming, I spend hours studying and doing homework. College is a lot for me to handle right now, but I’m managing just fine. Yes, I plan to apply to the dental hygiene program next year or the year after depending on my grades.

Is your husband is deploying again? For how long and where?

For OPSEC reasons I can not disclose any information for the protection and privacy of my husband and family. Yes, my husband will be deploying. Can’t share any more details:)

How is your mom? Is your mom still living with you?

My mom is good, yes she is still living with us temporarily.

Another baby soon or are you guys trying ?

We have come to the conclusion we would like another child, however, we are patiently waiting with God’s timing. Hope that answers,lol.

Any updates on Jaxon Speech therapy and diagnosis? We are on a wait list to see a developmental pediatrician specialist, the wait list is 4 to 6 months. While we wait for a diagnosis, my son will continue Speech therapy.

I hope that answers a few of everyone’s questions. I promise once everything settles down for me I’ll be back to blogging regularly. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube and subscribe.

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Xo Mia

Addicted to social media and it’s killing society ..

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Addicted to social media and it’s killing society 

Did you know based off a study done in Chicago(Chicago University), social media addiction is more common than being addicted to cigarettes and alcohol? Surprised? I’m not. I’m definitely going to raise my hand because I’m guilty of being addicted to social media.

There are so many social media sites from Snapchat,Facebook,YouTube,Instagram and twitter. They keep making more and more outlets, it’s hard to keep up with all of them.

It’s so crazy that you can put information out online and once it’s out there, it’s there. Y’all know I love using myself for example, recently I had a moment of true clarity. I was on every social media app. Spending too much time scrolling and posting.

I love sharing my life, but then I realized I was sharing and over sharing with complete strangers. Social media has so many positives, but also negatives. The negative side has long lasting effects. There are many people that will post certain things to compete with one another. There are people who post just for likes and attention. (Are you defined by likes and followers?)

Social media can destroy many relationships that you have with others, people rather post their problems than to actually talk and communicate with one another. Social media is very dangerous too. You can put the “wrong” information out and the information can get you in trouble. I’ve heard of people losing jobs because of posting certain things they believe. Many leaders,celebrities,politicians,and athletes will share their life to social media as well. Good or bad social media has lasting effects. 

One of my favorite places to share my life was YouTube. I loved filming and editing videos. But I realized that not everything needs to be shared, especially with people I know I don’t care for in real life.

I personally always got a lot great feed back from my channel that is no longer more. I had over 800+subscribers. Over 33,000 plus views. Youtube was a fun and exciting hobby and it finally ran its course. I ended it. The day I deleted my YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram was a powerful day for me. I felt empowered. Now I limit what I share and who I’m sharing it with. Social media can cause unnecessary jealousy,envy and hate. Most people want to see you do well, but NEVER better than them. Hashtag FACTS. Not to mention it can have people stalking you and your family. 

Social media can be a major distraction and can make you disconnect from the real world. For me social media was a way for me to connect with other adults since I lack the interaction most of the day at home. I’m with my toddler all day. That’s why I’m truly excited to start school, being around other people, other adults and stimulating my mind. You are what you feed your mind. Personally I love taking more time to read God’s word, meditating and focusing more on my sons needs. You may ask why do I still have Facebook, and even this blog? Truth is I have family I love sharing things with. I have family all over. I get to keep up with my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. I’ve been able to reconnect with old friends and new friends. 

It’s easier managing life without all the constant distractions of all of these outlets. I never realize how much people cared what I did. I suffer from anxiety and when I’m online too much it sky rockets through the roof. It’s easy to say I’m not addicted to social media. But how much time are you spending on each site/app? If you’re talented, you’re flipping between all multiple apps for hours. Laughing on the inside, because I was that person.

You don’t realize it until later how much time you spent online when you could have done so many other things. Time is so precious, time is something you can never get back. Think about all the time you have wasted being addicted to social media.

Remember not everything is a competition. Learn to live life outside of social media. Put the phone down. God made a beautiful world, enjoy it. 

Don’t let social media define who you are. If you do, it will slowly kill you. Kill the essence of who you are. I learned that not everything is for everyone. Not everyone needs to know YOUR business. Sometimes you have to keep things yours. Use caution and discernment when posting your life.

Perception vs reality is EVERYTHING! Don’t be fooled or be the fool.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next one.

Xo Mia

The truth about transitioning;The fear of the unknown 

😱The fear of the unknown😳  

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As many of you know my husband will be home relatively soon. And as we get closer and closer to the date of his return, it’s a certain anxiety I’m starting to have. If you read the title you guessed it, I have a little fear. I have a slight fear of change and letting go. Every military spouse experience this type of anxiety. It actually comes and goes in cycles because of this military life style. You experience your significant other being home, helping you, doing their share of duties. And then you experience the other side of your significant other being away/deployed/out to sea, and you’re doing things on your own. It never gets easier. 

Can I be honest with you all? We are friends right? Well, I am super excited for my husband to come home. I have missed being in his presence doing absolutely nothing, random date nights, family nights and doing all the things families do. But I also have anxiety of letting go. What do you mean by letting go? It has been over a year that I have been doing things on my own. Having a schedule, doing things a certain way and being the main parent making decisions. Although my husband is the head of our household, I have had to make executive decisions on his behalf. Some small decisions and some big decisions. I had to act as if he was here with me and trust I made good choices, especially if I couldn’t reach my husband. Now I have to prepare to turn back over that role to my husband. I’m excited to give that responsibility back,but I’m also nervous. I haven’t read any articles that talk about the real transitions that you have to go through as a military spouse.

 This is where my anxiety kicks in, how will we adjust to this? Is this transition going to be easy and smooth or is it going to hard and complicated? My husband and I have an understanding of the roles that we have in our marriage. And many things will be changing. I’m currently a homemaker and keep everything running smooth. My husband as I mentioned before is the head of the house hold, provider and keeps our family. A few more task will be added as far as I will be starting school and my husband will be in school as well. I’m not sure how I will do with school because I haven’t had to do class work in 10 years. I’m excited for this new chapter,but nervous on how I balance it with my homemaker role and also being a great mother and wife. 
I talked about my fear and anxiety. Guess what? I have to also consider my husband transition too. My husband is going to have to transition from living alone, complete silence, eating take out everyday to being home with us. It’s not so quiet at home because we have a 2 year old. My husband and I will have to share each other space. Plus I cook dinner most nights( that’s a plus, lol). 

The main thing will be reconnecting with another on all levels emotionally, and physically. I know I shouldn’t have anxiety or fear, but I know God will keep my family and our faith will keep us strong. We will have to lean on God to help us transition smoothly.

I hope this post helps at least one person. Just know you are NOT alone.

Thank you all so much for reading. I will see you in the next post. For more updates you can follow us on YouTube: SparklesandSippycups Tv. Here’s a link


  Mia 😘