I’m really excited to share this blog with you about our recent family vacation. Every year my family and I take a trip somewhere in the world to a place/ destination we haven’t been before; usually to celebrate someone else’s accomplishment or just celebrate being together again.

This year my nephew Josh graduated high school and has joined the United States Army. In honor of Josh’s accomplishments-we knew exactly what to celebrate.

The family vacations require a lot of planning, saving money and trying to get as many family members who want to attend vacation to the location.

Several of my family members have branched off and have large families of their own.

We started planning the year before, usually my sister Shanae is the most organized so we leave most of the logistics to her. Each family is responsible for booking and paying for their own group.

One of my favorite things that we do as a family are custom t-shirts. For this year, we decided on wearing green t-shirts; it was such a life saver when it was time to find one another on the cruise.

The cruise we took was 5 days to ocho Rios, Jamaica. Unfortunately, my husband is deployed once again and couldn’t be there with us. Of course, my husband has been in his share of trips with the family, but we always miss and wish he was with us.

We started the family vacation in Florida. We stayed at a beautiful hotel. The children were able to swim all day, eat pizza and have a good time. The day of the embarking of our cruise ship, the family and I wore green shirts.

Not only did we celebrate my nephew Josh’s graduation, but also being together as a family.

The laughs were endless and the memories we created made another beautiful trip. I seriously love my family so much. We ended up taking a family group photo the first night of the cruise and my 3 year old was so sleepy. Check out this group picture below.

The food on the trip was also amazing, I think I gained about15 pounds. I added a few pictures of my delicious meals.

The endless 24 hour pizza had me captured with love. Some of you may laugh, but I’m so serious. My 3 year old enjoyed eating ice cream for breakfast and also for dessert for dinner.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was going to the beaches in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands; the water was absolutely beautiful and warm. No worries or cares in the world is a great place to be in. My son Jaxon really enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand.

Margaritaville in Jamaica was also really cool, it had a nice little restaurant that was on the beach with a pool and water slide.

Of course it was hard for me to capture all the great moments because we were so busy living and enjoying them. Each vacation allows our bonds to grow and relationships to blossom.

The day before our final cruise day we took my son Jaxon and niece to a very special breakfast, “The Cat in the Hat, green eggs and ham”. Definitely memorable to say the least.Not only did we have a great breakfast with The Cat in The Hat ,but also with his character friends Thing 1 and Thing 2.

To see more of our family trip head over to my YouTube channel. Link below:)

Thank you all so much for reading. See ya in the next blog post!

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Hello friends!  With each blog post I write I always get super excited share. By the title you can already tell what this post is about. Baecation! What exactly is a baecation? Baecation is a vacation trip with your significant other. As many of you know, my husband recently came home after a 15 month deployment. 

 A few months ago anticipating his arrival I decided to book just him and I a mini getaway. I wanted to allow us to have some alone time to reconnect and build more awesome memories. 
Just us two

Why we decide to take a trip with just us two?!?

I think it’s nice to do family vacations with your kids or even extended family. We do this all the time.

But I think it’s also healthy and important to have time away with just your significant other/spouse.

I should also mention not everything is for everybody. What works for us, may not work for you. I’m sure many people would agree that you need a break. 
With this past deployment of 15 months of being away from one another, we found it really important to reconnect. Just mommy and daddy time alone. It is kind of hard to get back in the swing of things(a normal routine) when so much has changed and you as an individual have grown. As much a we like to think we are the same, we aren’t. I know personally I have changed so much, but only for the better.
 Planning a trip is a lot of work especially if you have children. As a mom of 1, I have never been more than a couple hours away from our child. My first thought was who was going to watch our 2 year old? If you know me I don’t trust anybody except a few family members to watch my child. So I asked my cousins who happens to be Jaxon’s God parents. When I tell you that they were so excited we asked them, they were thrilled. I knew my son was going to be in good hands. The second obstacle was where did we want to travel and how many days/nights? If you know me, I’m all about saving money. When my sister told me about taking a cruise, I jumped at the idea. The last time my husband and I went on a cruise it was over 2 years ago and I found out I was pregnant. 
We decided to to take Royal Caribbean Majesty Of The Seas. The ship is an older ship and the cruise line will retire it sometime this year.

Our trip ended up being 4 days and 3 nights.

What a wonderful experience. If you have never been on a cruise, I highly recommend it.

The reason I choose Royal Caribbean cruise line this time is because we have never been on there before and I heard so many fantastic reviews about it. Many reviews said that this cruise line is more for the grown and mature crowd. I like to consider my husband and I on the more mature side. 
The day of vacation 

We had a very short flight(roughly 2 hours) that arrived in the heart of Florida, Orlando airport. Once we arrived we took a uber to the cruise ship. Our uber picked us up in a black BMW with red leather interior seats. It was the nicest SUV I have ever been in. The driver was very nice and got us to the cruise line super fast although we were running a little late.

Once we made it to the check in station, we were super excited. There were no long lines and we boarded immediately. We were able to go to our ocean view room on the second floor. 

Considering we upgraded our room it was pretty big, enough walking room. Our room attendant Emina introduced herself and said that my husband and I were a beautiful couple.

My husband and I had so much fun on the 1st day. Before we could do anything else we had to attend a mandatory drill that the ship requires incase of an emergency. Once the briefing was over, we went to the 11th floor. What’s on the 11th floor? All the food you could eat and all the unlimited lemonade you can drink. My husband I ended up eating at the 24 hour pizza bar. 

We made new friends 

It was dinner time and we were excited. We sat at this big round table, the table could seat about 12 people. It only ended up just being us and 2 other ladies. Wanda and Linda two best friends from Florida celebrating their birthday weekend. Both women were middle age, Caucasian, and hilarious. They made my husband and I feel super comfortable and kept us laughing. I think it may have been all the wine and liquor they drank. I ended up ordering a rosemary chicken dish, it was really good. Our waiters Raymond and Carmen were super nice. I was so impressed that they remembered our names and drinks each night. Raymond was a very tall man, from Jamaica. Carmen was a short lady,( she reminded me of Amy Winehouse) from Romania. It’s true when people tell me that I make friends with everyone I encounter. Ms. Wanda was my favorite, she told me that she is an experience cruiser that’s why she’s diamond elite. That means she paid next to nothing for her trip because she cruises so often.

The second day 

(King and Queen together since 2008 shirts)

Our first stop was Nassau,Bahamas! On this day my husband and I wore matching shirts. Yeah, we are lame. Hahaha. received so many compliments on our shirts. I got the cool idea from my sister Shanae, thanks sister.

We have traveled to the Bahamas before,but last time we were on a big family cruise. We decided to do an excursion. I booked us a tour of Providence, which is basically the downtown/city part of Nassau. I learned a little more about the culture. An interesting fact I learned during the tour was that the women to men ratio is high. For every 1 man it’s 16 women. Our tour guide explained that since conch(a seafood delicacy) was introduced to their diet, it is many more females than male. The bus tour was really nice and so glad that I got to see parts of the Bahamas I had never seen before. 
Last Full day

We ended up going to the beautiful COCOCAY island. A private island for Royal Caribbean. Absolutely beautiful, pictures don’t do the island justice. The weather was amazing, the sun was definitely kissing our skin. My husband and I just relaxed on the beach and did a little swimming in the ocean. I never swam with such beautiful fishes, at one point we saw a sting ray. My husband made sure we stayed cleared of the sting ray, just because they can be dangerous.

Of course we were missing our sweet son Jaxon. I talked about our son a bunch. It was really nice to have some much needed husband and wife time. This vacation just proved that my husband and I are more in love with one another than ever. Building a strong bond with beautiful memories.
I hope you all enjoyed the blog post, to see more of our trip click the link below⬇️⬇️⬇️