I’m really excited to share this blog with you about our recent family vacation. Every year my family and I take a trip somewhere in the world to a place/ destination we haven’t been before; usually to celebrate someone else’s accomplishment or just celebrate being together again.

This year my nephew Josh graduated high school and has joined the United States Army. In honor of Josh’s accomplishments-we knew exactly what to celebrate.

The family vacations require a lot of planning, saving money and trying to get as many family members who want to attend vacation to the location.

Several of my family members have branched off and have large families of their own.

We started planning the year before, usually my sister Shanae is the most organized so we leave most of the logistics to her. Each family is responsible for booking and paying for their own group.

One of my favorite things that we do as a family are custom t-shirts. For this year, we decided on wearing green t-shirts; it was such a life saver when it was time to find one another on the cruise.

The cruise we took was 5 days to ocho Rios, Jamaica. Unfortunately, my husband is deployed once again and couldn’t be there with us. Of course, my husband has been in his share of trips with the family, but we always miss and wish he was with us.

We started the family vacation in Florida. We stayed at a beautiful hotel. The children were able to swim all day, eat pizza and have a good time. The day of the embarking of our cruise ship, the family and I wore green shirts.

Not only did we celebrate my nephew Josh’s graduation, but also being together as a family.

The laughs were endless and the memories we created made another beautiful trip. I seriously love my family so much. We ended up taking a family group photo the first night of the cruise and my 3 year old was so sleepy. Check out this group picture below.

The food on the trip was also amazing, I think I gained about15 pounds. I added a few pictures of my delicious meals.

The endless 24 hour pizza had me captured with love. Some of you may laugh, but I’m so serious. My 3 year old enjoyed eating ice cream for breakfast and also for dessert for dinner.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was going to the beaches in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands; the water was absolutely beautiful and warm. No worries or cares in the world is a great place to be in. My son Jaxon really enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand.

Margaritaville in Jamaica was also really cool, it had a nice little restaurant that was on the beach with a pool and water slide.

Of course it was hard for me to capture all the great moments because we were so busy living and enjoying them. Each vacation allows our bonds to grow and relationships to blossom.

The day before our final cruise day we took my son Jaxon and niece to a very special breakfast, “The Cat in the Hat, green eggs and ham”. Definitely memorable to say the least.Not only did we have a great breakfast with The Cat in The Hat ,but also with his character friends Thing 1 and Thing 2.

To see more of our family trip head over to my YouTube channel. Link below:)

Thank you all so much for reading. See ya in the next blog post!

Life Updates (2/20/18): Answering your questions!

Life updates and a few changes

Many of you have wondered where I have been? It’s been a hot minute since my last blog post. Please forgive me, so much has been going on.

Let me first address the questions I constantly get asked.

Why did I return to making videos on YouTube?

Initially when I decided to stop making YOUTUBE videos, it was because I had a lot of people following me on there that were just nosey folks or ex associates that didn’t care to communicate in real life;basically stalked my every move online.. It was really bad. But I have made a choice to start again and won’t let anyone stop me for doing what I love. Plus YOUTUBE is my creative outlet to just be free and do what I want.

I also felt at that previous time that the content I was putting out wasn’t authentic and just wanted to stop all together. It was a good break and gave me an opportunity to start over and fresh. Fast forward to now; I’m doing what I love and most people don’t know I’ve started over. I’ve had a few people comment on how much they can relate to me. Now my videos focus on what I love like my family, my relationship with God, food, college and my home.

I wanted to capture moments to look back at, I’ll discuss that further down. I know I have several readers across the world and if you want to see more of a glimpse of my life check out my channel Mia Joy!

What about school? How is college? Are you still applying for the dental hygiene program?

School is very time consuming, I spend hours studying and doing homework. College is a lot for me to handle right now, but I’m managing just fine. Yes, I plan to apply to the dental hygiene program next year or the year after depending on my grades.

Is your husband is deploying again? For how long and where?

For OPSEC reasons I can not disclose any information for the protection and privacy of my husband and family. Yes, my husband will be deploying. Can’t share any more details:)

How is your mom? Is your mom still living with you?

My mom is good, yes she is still living with us temporarily.

Another baby soon or are you guys trying ?

We have come to the conclusion we would like another child, however, we are patiently waiting with God’s timing. Hope that answers,lol.

Any updates on Jaxon Speech therapy and diagnosis? We are on a wait list to see a developmental pediatrician specialist, the wait list is 4 to 6 months. While we wait for a diagnosis, my son will continue Speech therapy.

I hope that answers a few of everyone’s questions. I promise once everything settles down for me I’ll be back to blogging regularly. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube and subscribe.

Here’s a link:

Xo Mia

🎄The most wonderful time of the year🎄

The last time I posted about Christmas, my mind frame wasn’t in the right place, Debbie Downer aka Negative Nancy. Before I was speaking out of frustration sounding like a complete Grinch.

 Christmas means more than presents,shopping, eating or holiday music. It’s about Jesus, family, love and making wonderful memories.

I decided to re-evaluate my mind and checked my attitude at the door. Because I had a major eye rolling attitude( figuratively speaking).

If you’re reading this and are a little confused, let me catch you up really quick.

Recently we found out that military decided to extend my husband deployment. Of course I was completely heartbroken and devastated. No one wants to hear that the one that they love is not coming home the time they were suppose to.

 I went on a little rant(totally understandable)of not wanting to put my tree up and how I was going to sulk in sadness and be the Grinch.

 I spoke my feelings too soon. I don’t regret feeling like the Grinch. But I do wish I remained positive. One positive thought can truly change your day and life.

 Now that’s all I’m giving, positivity.

 Sometimes God gives his strongest battles to the toughest people who he knows will over come. 

I honestly believe that this deployment is going to be the ultimate testimony of my faith and how I solely have had to rely on God. 

I have a 22 month old son who still needs to celebrate Christmas, needs a mother who is happy and he needs to know why we celebrate the holiday in the first place.

My husband works extremely hard so that we have an amazing life. That is why we must be grateful in all circumstances. Even though he’s not home, Jason is in our hearts and we carry him everywhere we go.

I’m excited that we put up our tree, decorated the stairs, front door, entry way table and are wearing Christmas themed jammies every night. 

I also have the “baking bug”. Making homemade cookies from scratch. Lord knows we don’t need anymore sweets. Trying to be in good spirits and build fantastic memories.

Recently Jaxon and I had a Christmas photoshoot with the amazing W.Styron photography. It was a lot of fun dressing up and capturing some precious moments. We were able to incooperate my husband even though I forgot the family photo at home. But we made it work.

Jaxon’s birthday is a few weeks after Christmas,we decided not to go ridiculous with spending money and getting tons of toys. Just enough to keep him happy.

I’m so excited for the holidays. Christmas is that one holiday where everyone is happy even if they don’t celebrate. Strangers hold doors open for you and the person you think looks mean, smiles for you.

This year I’m hosting my first annual Christmas Eve ugly sweater dinner for family . I’m making a few dishes and have already decided that I’m going to have the rest of the dishes catered. Super excited to start a new tradition in making great memories.

I’m very thankful for my family and friends who continue to love and support us.

The holidays are a joyous time and a constant reminder that family is what truly matters.

Thank you all for reading this post.

 If you haven’t already check out my YouTube page: SparklesandSippycupsTV!

 I’m posting videos everyday up until Christmas for Vlogmas 🎅🏽🎄!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year😘xoxo Mia