Why we finally decided to cut our 3 year old hair!

Let me just say this wasn’t an easy decision getting Jaxon’s hair cut. My husband and I have always said we were not going to cut Jaxon’s hair until he verbally told us. However, we decided that it was time for a couple of reasons.

Jaxon has sensory processing disorder/ Autism Spectrum disorder which means for him he doesn’t like being touched, his hair touched, being dirty and a list of other things.

One of the main reasons we cut our sons hair is because he hates it being brushed or comb and it requires a lot of time to make sure it was well kept.

Most mornings were a battle to do his hair.

Another reason we cut his hair is because people always want to touch his hair without permission. It was a constant issue of having to tell people to not touch him and his hair.

The final reason is because his hair was getting so long and out of control. With Jaxon’s hair wet it was literally down the middle of his back.

Trust me we loved his hair long but we did what is best for him. He seems to like it 🙂 plus hair is hair and it will grow back!