The reality Is: Another Deployment Is Here!

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As my heart prepares for yet another deployment, my mind isn’t quite really grasping my husband is really leaving again.

To be quite honest I’m going to miss my husband more than anything.

So many people will never really never know what it’s like to go through a separation for a long period of time. What makes the separation hard for me is that my husband is truly my best friend and helps me so much. There aren’t many husbands who play a big role in their family, but my husband is one of the major key players.

My amazing husband has a job to do with the military and I totally understand that, that’s why my entire family is proud of him.

Being a military spouse you have to understand that your wife or husband has to make true sacrifices such as time away from you. As a wife and mother I am prepared and more than ready to take on all the responsibilities of both my husband and self. Thanking God for building our faith, and our relationship closer. I know for a fact that Jesus has my back, knowing that is bigger than anything I could ever imagine.

Yes -I’m prepared to cry, yes-I’m prepared to have my moments of insanity, but I’m also prepared to make this deployment better than all the other previous ones. I’m prepared to be the woman, wife and mother I always have been, phenomenal!

As a mother, my heart is not ready for when Jaxon ask where his daddy is. I pray that I will be able to comfort him and keep him so busy that the time will just pass. I haven’t really blogged or vlogged lately, however, I plan to make a come back after my mini sabbatical. Not sure when it will end, but I need to be inspired to write or do my YouTube thing.

Thanks to everyone being patient and understanding. If you can’t check on us the best thing to do is pray for our family. Mentioning us in your prayers is one of the greatest blessings. Thanks for reading and always supporting.

Give God A Chance, A REAL Chance

Give God a chance

I love to write when I’m inspired by things that I’ve personally experienced to help encourage someone who can relate to me on some level.

Any chance that I get to talk about God’s hand over my life and how real he is – I will.

There’s nothing fake about how much Jesus has changed me and has blessed my life. The same blessing I have through Christ, you can have it to, but first you have to give God a chance. Give God a real chance to fulfill his purpose over your life. Anyone reading this, has a real purpose.

There may be someone reading this right now who may be having the toughest battle with life, people and relationships; the lord told me to tell you to give all your problems to him. God loves you and will see you through whatever your situation is, just give him a chance.

So many times people do not have patience and want The Lord to be a right now God; everything is about give me, give me and more give me. People forget that some of the best unanswered prayers are the best ones, for our protection or even blessings.

When life doesn’t always go the way we plan as a people, we can give up on God without ever really giving God a chance to fix our circumstances.

This Generation is so quick to tell others that there is no God and make others question his existence. Usually those people didn’t give God a real chance. Just ask yourself have you really given God a real chance?

My constant testimony is on how God changed me , it is what confirms my belief that Jesus is who he says he his. Let God take your heart and your pain. Sometimes God has to really break us to get our attention.

The more my walk and faith grows with God, the more I trust him. This didn’t happen overnight for me, let’s be honest. I was one of those people who believed in Jesus, however, I didn’t ever really give him a chance. My relationship was very lukewarm, always putting God on the back burner. Then one day I gave everything to him and I just wept. There I was going through some of the most challenging times and not relying on God to see me through.

One of my favorite scriptures in the entire bible is

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I could cry thinking how God knows every situation and every battle; that God loves you so much to conqueror it all if you let him.

To the person who may need this, you aren’t alone, give God a real chance and watch him change your life. God is love.(all images used are courtesy of google, I do not own the rights)

Thanks for reading


Life Updates (2/20/18): Answering your questions!

Life updates and a few changes

Many of you have wondered where I have been? It’s been a hot minute since my last blog post. Please forgive me, so much has been going on.

Let me first address the questions I constantly get asked.

Why did I return to making videos on YouTube?

Initially when I decided to stop making YOUTUBE videos, it was because I had a lot of people following me on there that were just nosey folks or ex associates that didn’t care to communicate in real life;basically stalked my every move online.. It was really bad. But I have made a choice to start again and won’t let anyone stop me for doing what I love. Plus YOUTUBE is my creative outlet to just be free and do what I want.

I also felt at that previous time that the content I was putting out wasn’t authentic and just wanted to stop all together. It was a good break and gave me an opportunity to start over and fresh. Fast forward to now; I’m doing what I love and most people don’t know I’ve started over. I’ve had a few people comment on how much they can relate to me. Now my videos focus on what I love like my family, my relationship with God, food, college and my home.

I wanted to capture moments to look back at, I’ll discuss that further down. I know I have several readers across the world and if you want to see more of a glimpse of my life check out my channel Mia Joy!

What about school? How is college? Are you still applying for the dental hygiene program?

School is very time consuming, I spend hours studying and doing homework. College is a lot for me to handle right now, but I’m managing just fine. Yes, I plan to apply to the dental hygiene program next year or the year after depending on my grades.

Is your husband is deploying again? For how long and where?

For OPSEC reasons I can not disclose any information for the protection and privacy of my husband and family. Yes, my husband will be deploying. Can’t share any more details:)

How is your mom? Is your mom still living with you?

My mom is good, yes she is still living with us temporarily.

Another baby soon or are you guys trying ?

We have come to the conclusion we would like another child, however, we are patiently waiting with God’s timing. Hope that answers,lol.

Any updates on Jaxon Speech therapy and diagnosis? We are on a wait list to see a developmental pediatrician specialist, the wait list is 4 to 6 months. While we wait for a diagnosis, my son will continue Speech therapy.

I hope that answers a few of everyone’s questions. I promise once everything settles down for me I’ll be back to blogging regularly. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube and subscribe.

Here’s a link:

Xo Mia

Taking Care Of My Mother; My profound experience

In my English class we had to write a paper about a profound experience that changed our lives forever. I have had many moments that changed me, for example, the day I got married and the day my son was born. I wanted to write about one of those moments but my English professor asked us to really search deep, choose an experience we haven’t shared and write about it.

So I did just that, I never shared what happened with my mother and finally opened up through my writing.

Without giving too many details or sharing my mother’s testimony because it’s not my story to completely tell; my mother was suppose die 4 years ago. With all the complications from surgery, losing her leg, having a mini stroke and being in a coma; my mother wasn’t suppose to make it.

The doctors told us to say our final goodbyes because my mother wasn’t going to make it through the night.

I’ll never forget that profound moment because it happened on my twenty fifth birthday.

My mother survived but she hasn’t been the same ever since.

Recently my husband and I made the decision to become my mothers full time caregivers. Being a caregiver is a twenty four hour job and commitment.

In my heart, I knew no one else could take care of my mommy like I could. Late nights and early mornings of being the care that she needs; we do everything with love and compassion for her.

The lord tells us to honor thy mother and father. I don’t have my biological dad in my life and my mom has always been the number one lady to me. It’s only right that I be here for her like she was there for me.

Although my sister and I do majority of everything for our mother, we wouldn’t change a thing. (My sister is amazing by the way, I have a future post about her soon.)

My mother is simply AMAZING, strong and the toughest woman I know. My family and I will continue to fight for her, love her and provide the best care.

I don’t know why things happened the way that they did, but I do know God gave my mom me and chose me to step in to be one of her biggest advocates.

I have learned patience, to have a humble heart, to not take simple things for granted and to love my mother more while I still have her.

My faith in God has become stronger because I need him for strength and guidance. I honestly don’t think I could do this without God, my sister and my partner aka awesome husband. The sacrifices we each make doesn’t always get recognized or even rewarded. Having my support system has been great.

As a matter of fact, I got an B on my English paper.

I don’t know what the future holds but I do know my family loves my mommy. I really believe in my heart she’s going to better than she ever was.

It is my prayer that if I ever need my son Jaxon that he will be there for me. My son watches me, and listens to how I deal with being a caregiver so that’s why we are teaching him now to always have empathy, compassion and most important love.

Thanks for reading.

Potty training the good, the bad and the ugly( A mother’s perspective)

Potty training the good, the bad and the ugly
My son Jaxon is two and a half years old. For the last several months we have been working on potty training. Let me first say that potty training is not for the faint heart. Potty training requires a lot of patience and tons of consistency. For the longest time I didn’t think I would survive this chapter of parenting. Teething, crawling, walking and sleeping weren’t as challenging as potty training was.

There were times when I cried, times when I was so frustrated and now I’m so proud of my child accomplishing this chapter. Honestly, I have to thank his preschool for helping me out so much. Two days out of the week Jaxon goes to preschool, they keep track of when he goes to the restroom and stays dry. The communication between the preschool and I has been phenomenal.

There was a time I felt like a complete failure as a parent because potty training wasn’t going like I envisioned. Months ago I became frustrated and wanted this chapter to be over and done with.

Truth be told, I cried countless days over my child not getting it. Finally I made up my mind that I just needed to be consistent and that encouragement for Jaxon would be best. I began to ask friends what methods worked for them. Many of my friends recommended naked from the waste down. Although it had it’s disgusting moments such as my son peeing and pooping on the floor, it definitely helped. I also tried leaving my son with underwear on so that when he felt wet he would not like it and want to stay dry, It worked too. We also tried buying a training potty and a toddler toilet seat for Jaxon to use. 
(Both are cost effective, under $13 dollars at Target and Walmart)

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I know each child is different when it comes to what they would like to use, my child personally loved the toddler seat for over the toilet. Every tip and trick to get Jaxon using the potty I tried doing. I tried bribing with lollipops and gave cookies when he went potty. Whatever works right? 
It’s so easy to get discouraged when other children his age were potty training faster and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

I have never been grossed out like the time when my child took the biggest dump on the floor especially when I had just taken him to use the potty. If you ever tried cleaning poop up off cream carpet,then you can understand my frustration. When I say I felt like I about died, I about died. One of the best investments I ever made is purchasing a carpet cleaner. Amen. A life saver, highly recommend to parents every where.

(All images are courtesy of google imaging, I do not own any rights)
Eventually it was time for me to start school and Jaxon to start preschool. When I tell you that the preschool helped us so much, I mean it.
Jaxon is still learning to use his words, the way he communicates to use the bathroom is by going to the door, the pee dance, or ” the face”.


Finally the time came when Jaxon was doing great at home and in school potty training. The biggest test would see how he did when we went out in public away from home or school. Jaxon passed with flying colors. I still carry extra clothes and underwear just in case of an accident. Kids have accidents believe it or not. I still encourage and tell Jaxon how proud of him we are. 
We still do pull-ups at night time only because he still doesn’t wake up to go pee. Overall my child is doing amazing.

If you’re reading this and need some encouragement just know it gets better. The key to potty training is lots of patience, consistency, persistence and encouraging your child. Every time Jaxon pee’s or poops in the potty, we clap and celebrate him for doing an outstanding job.
Although potty training changed my life it also changed my toddler as well. 

Thanks for reading !

God is NOT a genie

God is NOT a Genie 

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 Writing this blog post has been on my heart so much lately. 

As I’m growing stronger in my personal walk with Christ, I’m learning so much.

I pray that every person who reads my blog takes something good out of it. I honestly speak from my heart and the thoughts that go through it.
 I want to personally thank the people in my life who inspire me to write from my heart.
 Today’s post is called ” God is NOT a genie”.

Many times people will confuse blessings with material possessions and when blessings can be as simple as joy and peace. You can not purchase God’s blessings. The Lords blessings come from heaven. People will often confuse prayer for wishes. God is not your genie. 

So often we can pray for things and it may not be in the Lords plan for us. 

I always try to take the focus off of me when I pray and pray for other people. 
We can be so selfish when it comes to ourselves. Everything seems as it’s always about self. That’s why your intentions when you pray are important, God is always looking at our hearts when we seek him. What’s the motive behind the prayer we ask.

People often get their needs and wants confused. They pray for things and instantly think because they prayed for it that God is instantly suppose to give what we ask. God is not your Genie, he’s not conforming to your will, God has a plan already. 

You can’t expect God to give you wishes, wishes is not faith. Jesus taught us to have faith, to trust and go to him prayer. 

I heard this saying ” some of God’s best blessings are unanswered prayers”. I find that so true. If it’s in God’s will it shall be done in Jesus name. 

Many times people will use scripture out of context and use it for their personal gain. Sinners will always justify their actions and use scripture out of what it really means. 
It’s important to spend time with God and actually read and study the word of God.

Yes, God can bless us with material things but blessings are more spiritual such as peace,joy, freedom, happiness, and commitment with God.


I’m guilty of praying and asking God for something and when it didn’t happen I just told myself that it wasn’t in Gods plan right now. I’m still positive and hopeful but God just said not right now. 

Sometimes God’s answer won’t always be no, it just means not right now. Just because something doesn’t happen when you want it to it just means to keep praying, keep having faith and ask God to do whatever it is according to his will.

God will always be there for you. Sometimes we pray for selfish reasons and God says I’m trying to protect you and although you pray for this certain thing or person, I’m protecting you.

 If God was to give us everything we asked for he wouldn’t be our God anymore he would be our slave. Think about it!

When we go to God in prayer we build a relationship with him. We are relying on him, we are trusting him and we are believing that his will be done. FAITH. You’re trusting The Lord to bring you out on the other side. You’re believing God to take care of you even when you’re up against the world.

 I  would tell the person who is reading this, that God hears you, he has not forgotten you. God loves you so much.  

There is a difference from wishful positive thinking and having faith. Faith is so important, continue to trust in The Lord’s plan for you. Walk in your purpose. Remember without Faith it’s impossible to please God.

Thank you so much for reading!