I’m really excited to share this blog with you about our recent family vacation. Every year my family and I take a trip somewhere in the world to a place/ destination we haven’t been before; usually to celebrate someone else’s accomplishment or just celebrate being together again.

This year my nephew Josh graduated high school and has joined the United States Army. In honor of Josh’s accomplishments-we knew exactly what to celebrate.

The family vacations require a lot of planning, saving money and trying to get as many family members who want to attend vacation to the location.

Several of my family members have branched off and have large families of their own.

We started planning the year before, usually my sister Shanae is the most organized so we leave most of the logistics to her. Each family is responsible for booking and paying for their own group.

One of my favorite things that we do as a family are custom t-shirts. For this year, we decided on wearing green t-shirts; it was such a life saver when it was time to find one another on the cruise.

The cruise we took was 5 days to ocho Rios, Jamaica. Unfortunately, my husband is deployed once again and couldn’t be there with us. Of course, my husband has been in his share of trips with the family, but we always miss and wish he was with us.

We started the family vacation in Florida. We stayed at a beautiful hotel. The children were able to swim all day, eat pizza and have a good time. The day of the embarking of our cruise ship, the family and I wore green shirts.

Not only did we celebrate my nephew Josh’s graduation, but also being together as a family.

The laughs were endless and the memories we created made another beautiful trip. I seriously love my family so much. We ended up taking a family group photo the first night of the cruise and my 3 year old was so sleepy. Check out this group picture below.

The food on the trip was also amazing, I think I gained about15 pounds. I added a few pictures of my delicious meals.

The endless 24 hour pizza had me captured with love. Some of you may laugh, but I’m so serious. My 3 year old enjoyed eating ice cream for breakfast and also for dessert for dinner.

One of my favorite parts of our trip was going to the beaches in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands; the water was absolutely beautiful and warm. No worries or cares in the world is a great place to be in. My son Jaxon really enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand.

Margaritaville in Jamaica was also really cool, it had a nice little restaurant that was on the beach with a pool and water slide.

Of course it was hard for me to capture all the great moments because we were so busy living and enjoying them. Each vacation allows our bonds to grow and relationships to blossom.

The day before our final cruise day we took my son Jaxon and niece to a very special breakfast, “The Cat in the Hat, green eggs and ham”. Definitely memorable to say the least.Not only did we have a great breakfast with The Cat in The Hat ,but also with his character friends Thing 1 and Thing 2.

To see more of our family trip head over to my YouTube channel. Link below:)

Thank you all so much for reading. See ya in the next blog post!

The reality Is: Another Deployment Is Here!

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As my heart prepares for yet another deployment, my mind isn’t quite really grasping my husband is really leaving again.

To be quite honest I’m going to miss my husband more than anything.

So many people will never really never know what it’s like to go through a separation for a long period of time. What makes the separation hard for me is that my husband is truly my best friend and helps me so much. There aren’t many husbands who play a big role in their family, but my husband is one of the major key players.

My amazing husband has a job to do with the military and I totally understand that, that’s why my entire family is proud of him.

Being a military spouse you have to understand that your wife or husband has to make true sacrifices such as time away from you. As a wife and mother I am prepared and more than ready to take on all the responsibilities of both my husband and self. Thanking God for building our faith, and our relationship closer. I know for a fact that Jesus has my back, knowing that is bigger than anything I could ever imagine.

Yes -I’m prepared to cry, yes-I’m prepared to have my moments of insanity, but I’m also prepared to make this deployment better than all the other previous ones. I’m prepared to be the woman, wife and mother I always have been, phenomenal!

As a mother, my heart is not ready for when Jaxon ask where his daddy is. I pray that I will be able to comfort him and keep him so busy that the time will just pass. I haven’t really blogged or vlogged lately, however, I plan to make a come back after my mini sabbatical. Not sure when it will end, but I need to be inspired to write or do my YouTube thing.

Thanks to everyone being patient and understanding. If you can’t check on us the best thing to do is pray for our family. Mentioning us in your prayers is one of the greatest blessings. Thanks for reading and always supporting.

Give God A Chance, A REAL Chance

Give God a chance

I love to write when I’m inspired by things that I’ve personally experienced to help encourage someone who can relate to me on some level.

Any chance that I get to talk about God’s hand over my life and how real he is – I will.

There’s nothing fake about how much Jesus has changed me and has blessed my life. The same blessing I have through Christ, you can have it to, but first you have to give God a chance. Give God a real chance to fulfill his purpose over your life. Anyone reading this, has a real purpose.

There may be someone reading this right now who may be having the toughest battle with life, people and relationships; the lord told me to tell you to give all your problems to him. God loves you and will see you through whatever your situation is, just give him a chance.

So many times people do not have patience and want The Lord to be a right now God; everything is about give me, give me and more give me. People forget that some of the best unanswered prayers are the best ones, for our protection or even blessings.

When life doesn’t always go the way we plan as a people, we can give up on God without ever really giving God a chance to fix our circumstances.

This Generation is so quick to tell others that there is no God and make others question his existence. Usually those people didn’t give God a real chance. Just ask yourself have you really given God a real chance?

My constant testimony is on how God changed me , it is what confirms my belief that Jesus is who he says he his. Let God take your heart and your pain. Sometimes God has to really break us to get our attention.

The more my walk and faith grows with God, the more I trust him. This didn’t happen overnight for me, let’s be honest. I was one of those people who believed in Jesus, however, I didn’t ever really give him a chance. My relationship was very lukewarm, always putting God on the back burner. Then one day I gave everything to him and I just wept. There I was going through some of the most challenging times and not relying on God to see me through.

One of my favorite scriptures in the entire bible is

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I could cry thinking how God knows every situation and every battle; that God loves you so much to conqueror it all if you let him.

To the person who may need this, you aren’t alone, give God a real chance and watch him change your life. God is love.(all images used are courtesy of google, I do not own the rights)

Thanks for reading


Life Updates (2/20/18): Answering your questions!

Life updates and a few changes

Many of you have wondered where I have been? It’s been a hot minute since my last blog post. Please forgive me, so much has been going on.

Let me first address the questions I constantly get asked.

Why did I return to making videos on YouTube?

Initially when I decided to stop making YOUTUBE videos, it was because I had a lot of people following me on there that were just nosey folks or ex associates that didn’t care to communicate in real life;basically stalked my every move online.. It was really bad. But I have made a choice to start again and won’t let anyone stop me for doing what I love. Plus YOUTUBE is my creative outlet to just be free and do what I want.

I also felt at that previous time that the content I was putting out wasn’t authentic and just wanted to stop all together. It was a good break and gave me an opportunity to start over and fresh. Fast forward to now; I’m doing what I love and most people don’t know I’ve started over. I’ve had a few people comment on how much they can relate to me. Now my videos focus on what I love like my family, my relationship with God, food, college and my home.

I wanted to capture moments to look back at, I’ll discuss that further down. I know I have several readers across the world and if you want to see more of a glimpse of my life check out my channel Mia Joy!

What about school? How is college? Are you still applying for the dental hygiene program?

School is very time consuming, I spend hours studying and doing homework. College is a lot for me to handle right now, but I’m managing just fine. Yes, I plan to apply to the dental hygiene program next year or the year after depending on my grades.

Is your husband is deploying again? For how long and where?

For OPSEC reasons I can not disclose any information for the protection and privacy of my husband and family. Yes, my husband will be deploying. Can’t share any more details:)

How is your mom? Is your mom still living with you?

My mom is good, yes she is still living with us temporarily.

Another baby soon or are you guys trying ?

We have come to the conclusion we would like another child, however, we are patiently waiting with God’s timing. Hope that answers,lol.

Any updates on Jaxon Speech therapy and diagnosis? We are on a wait list to see a developmental pediatrician specialist, the wait list is 4 to 6 months. While we wait for a diagnosis, my son will continue Speech therapy.

I hope that answers a few of everyone’s questions. I promise once everything settles down for me I’ll be back to blogging regularly. Don’t forget to check out my YouTube and subscribe.

Here’s a link:

Xo Mia

I washed my husband’s feet!

Today I washed my husband’s feet, not just washed, but a full on pedicure; the absolute works of foot care and love.

Today was a humbling experience for me to do something so special for my husband who doesn’t ask or require much. Not only washing his feet showed love, service and humbleness; it also showed that I’m not above him. I am also his equal partner.

What made me decide to wash my husband feet? In the Bible it speaks about how people in the old days washed others feet as a sign of love, service and humility.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as a sign of humility.

Even the woman who had nothing and washed Jesus feet with her hair and tears. The lord was so blessed that she did this.

My husband is a very special man, he is the head of our home and does many things to provide us an exceptional life. A life that I’m truly grateful and blessed to have. My husband never complains about providing for us. I’m not sure of his daily struggles as a man however, I respect the things he faces and still remains the best husband and father. Each day he gets up super early in the mornings, put those hard steel combat boots on and goes to work. Not just any job but as United States Sailor.

I never realized all the stress my husband endures until I looked at his feet. His feet tell a story. A story that doesn’t get heard often. A story of a hard working man who does what he needs to do to provide for his family.

Honestly, I don’t like feet, never in a million years would I have thought of giving my husband a pedicure but it all changed.

It dawned on me that my husband always makes sure that my feet are well kept. My sweetie makes sure that my feet never have to endure what his feet have to encounter daily.

I could cry writing this post because I’m truly blessed at the hard working husband I have. A man who loves God and his family so much.

If you are a spouse, I challenge you to wash the feet of the one you love.

Thanks for reading!!


Everyone you meet isn’t your friend
Over many years of my life I’ve learned everyone you meet isn’t your friend and you can’t force positive vibes; either the good vibes are there or not.

Friendships shouldn’t have envious behavior, jealousy or be stress in your life.

Your time is precious 
One of the most precious things you can give people is your time. Have you ever had a friendship and/or a relationship that ended and think about all time and energy you wasted? That’s why it’s important on who you give your time to, who you decide to invest yourself in.

I love the friendships that are organic and you don’t have to force it.

Let’s be honest about online friendships 

One of the things I love most about social media is how many friends you get to make across the world that you would have never known before social media .I find a lot of fascinating, beautiful ,crafty, like minded people and think , “wow we would be great friends in real life”; and why don’t you live closer to me to hang out? Many people feel the same way about me.

I’ve met some incredible people online and have made life long friendships. 
Let’s be honest for a moment and real because stuff happens when you meet internet friends; I’ve also met some people who aren’t exactly who they portray themselves online, total opposite . I honestly get disappointed when I meet people and they aren’t like anything I imagined. The vibes are off and immediately I know that the friendship is not going anywhere. 

Revenge Friendships 

Don’t expect people to be friends with you and your enemies. The thing I hate most in this world, is when your “friend”(I say friend loosely) wants to be friends with you and a person you don’t care for/dislike. There obviously is no loyalty in that friend. I know from personal experience that once I’m not dealing with certain individuals aka “friends”, I always found out where my other “friends” loyalty was. The invites became less and the communication would eventually die. But hey, it was better that way of knowing what type of people I was dealing with.

I ’ve had enemies whose sole purpose was to get back at me and to be friends with my friends because I stopped being friends with them.

Have you ever thought, your enemies wouldn’t even know your friend if it wasn’t for you?

 Just know that anyone who breaks bread with your enemies is not YOUR friend. 
I keep thinking about how Judas betrayed Jesus. Judas hung around Jesus, knew all the ins and outs, had access to some of the most crucial information and still betrayed Jesus. Judas said he loved Jesus and plotted against the very person he claimed to adore. Sometimes it’s better to have no friends than a bunch of fake ones. 

One sides friendships

I dislike when friendships are one sided, you put out all the work and effort while the other person is lacking in all the departments. It’s true once you become an adult that you have other priorities first before entertaining others, your friendships can lack that stabilization or be put on the back burner. I’m so thankful for the friends who know I fall short sometimes but honestly know I’m there if they need me. I’m not talking about that, I’m speaking about when you have friends who don’t put fourth any effort. They never call or text you and expect you to do all the work.

I can always count on you friendships

I have about 2 people in my life besides my husband and sister I know that I can call them anytime no matter what time of day it is and they would listen. I have those same people I can talk to on the phone about absolutely nothing and know I wouldn’t be judged for being me. Being authentic to yourself is being authentic to others. Friendships where you have to pretend to be something you’re not is stressful and unnecessary.

 Anything that cost you your peace is way too expensive.

I love the friendships where you don’t have to compete with one another. I’ve learned from the past that someone can hang with you and secretly hate you, envy you and be jealous for no reason. That friendship wasn’t authentic and that’s why it ended badly. It’s hard having a friendship with someone who wants to be you.  People are crazy, it’s always best to cut those friendships off if it gets toxic. I’m that person who will cut you off with no explanation if you’re toxic to me.
Some of the best creations in the entire world are the block button and delete account button.

Friends forever
I don’t have many friends now and I’m 28. There was a time when I was the life of the party, I would go out for drinks, be wild and EVERYONE was my friend. When I started to find myself I began to lose“friends” that no longer was interested in the person I was becoming.

Let’s face it, as you grow up you have to leave some people behind. I’ve mentioned in a previous post before, that not everyone is going to be part of every chapter of life. Most times people are just lessons and teach us something or we teach them.
Now the people I’m still friends with, who have seen me at my worst and at my best, those are the friendships I value.. 

It’s better to have 1 good friend than a handful of fake, bitter, envious and negative vibes friends. 

The time you give to people can NEVER BE GIVEN BACK.

In the end I always say be the friend that you need or want. Be kind, be there when needed, love unconditionally, and pray for your friends

A friend that prays 
The best type of friend to have and the best friend to be is the praying friend. My faith has been getting stronger and stronger; I know that my help and strength comes from God. A person who prays for you, prays with you and walks with God is a friend to have. Prayer moves mountains and strengthens faith with God. Most times you’re believing for God to do a miraculous thing. When you can say a prayer for me, I know that you love me. And when I say a prayer for you, know that I love you.

Pray for your friends and your enemies. 

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Thanks so much for reading!