Potty training the good, the bad and the ugly( A mother’s perspective)

Potty training the good, the bad and the ugly
My son Jaxon is two and a half years old. For the last several months we have been working on potty training. Let me first say that potty training is not for the faint heart. Potty training requires a lot of patience and tons of consistency. For the longest time I didn’t think I would survive this chapter of parenting. Teething, crawling, walking and sleeping weren’t as challenging as potty training was.

There were times when I cried, times when I was so frustrated and now I’m so proud of my child accomplishing this chapter. Honestly, I have to thank his preschool for helping me out so much. Two days out of the week Jaxon goes to preschool, they keep track of when he goes to the restroom and stays dry. The communication between the preschool and I has been phenomenal.

There was a time I felt like a complete failure as a parent because potty training wasn’t going like I envisioned. Months ago I became frustrated and wanted this chapter to be over and done with.

Truth be told, I cried countless days over my child not getting it. Finally I made up my mind that I just needed to be consistent and that encouragement for Jaxon would be best. I began to ask friends what methods worked for them. Many of my friends recommended naked from the waste down. Although it had it’s disgusting moments such as my son peeing and pooping on the floor, it definitely helped. I also tried leaving my son with underwear on so that when he felt wet he would not like it and want to stay dry, It worked too. We also tried buying a training potty and a toddler toilet seat for Jaxon to use. 
(Both are cost effective, under $13 dollars at Target and Walmart)

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I know each child is different when it comes to what they would like to use, my child personally loved the toddler seat for over the toilet. Every tip and trick to get Jaxon using the potty I tried doing. I tried bribing with lollipops and gave cookies when he went potty. Whatever works right? 
It’s so easy to get discouraged when other children his age were potty training faster and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

I have never been grossed out like the time when my child took the biggest dump on the floor especially when I had just taken him to use the potty. If you ever tried cleaning poop up off cream carpet,then you can understand my frustration. When I say I felt like I about died, I about died. One of the best investments I ever made is purchasing a carpet cleaner. Amen. A life saver, highly recommend to parents every where.

(All images are courtesy of google imaging, I do not own any rights)
Eventually it was time for me to start school and Jaxon to start preschool. When I tell you that the preschool helped us so much, I mean it.
Jaxon is still learning to use his words, the way he communicates to use the bathroom is by going to the door, the pee dance, or ” the face”.


Finally the time came when Jaxon was doing great at home and in school potty training. The biggest test would see how he did when we went out in public away from home or school. Jaxon passed with flying colors. I still carry extra clothes and underwear just in case of an accident. Kids have accidents believe it or not. I still encourage and tell Jaxon how proud of him we are. 
We still do pull-ups at night time only because he still doesn’t wake up to go pee. Overall my child is doing amazing.

If you’re reading this and need some encouragement just know it gets better. The key to potty training is lots of patience, consistency, persistence and encouraging your child. Every time Jaxon pee’s or poops in the potty, we clap and celebrate him for doing an outstanding job.
Although potty training changed my life it also changed my toddler as well. 

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School: The First Week

School has officially started!
My son Jaxon started preschool and it was one of the most emotional days I’ve experienced.

Tuesday morning at 6 am was wake up call. I randomly made up a song called “Ready for school”. Singing the song enthusiastically, loud and proud to my baby boy who was knocked out in a sleep coma. 

Slowly but surely a big smile appeared on Jaxon’s face. As I said are you ready for school, he was fully awake.

Once Jaxon brushed his teeth and fully dressed I prepared him a very light breakfast of grapes and juice. The night before I prepared his backpack of all his items needed for school and set them out ready to go for the morning.

Dropping Jaxon off was so difficult for me. As we walked in the building hand in hand, my heart was happy. Jaxon was excited to start school. No tears on his part. I didn’t even say bye, I just rushed out so I wouldn’t cry.

Once I got back to my car I just sat there thinking my little baby is really in school. Being excited and emotional all at the same time because I’ve been home with my baby since he was born and I wasn’t ready to leave him just yet.

This would be the only time I would take my son to school because my husband will be dropping and picking him up each day. The first day was truly special to me that I got to take my big boy to preschool.

As I’ve stated in previous blog post, I have been out of school awhile and my nerves were super high, my anxiety was on 100. Not only was the day my son’s first day but it was also my first day as a college student. 

I ended up getting to my school 30 mins before my first class. I parked way in no mans land because parking was atrocious. There I sat in my car listening to music and asking God to give me confidence to be more than a conqueror.

After about 15 minutes I headed to my first class. I got a good seat right in the front. I ended up doing the same thing for my second class English.

Overall I had a good day learning new things and meeting people. Honestly, the first day was a little overwhelming with all the information and writing. I’m confident that once I get into the swing of things with managing school, it will all come natural.

The best feeling in the entire world was when my husband and son came home. Seeing my family at the ended of the day made me realize why I’m doing this college thing. To obtain an education and degree to make myself and family proud.

Jaxon had a great first day at preschool, he walked in the front door happy and ran to give me a hug. The teacher said Jaxon did so well.

The end of the school week ended well. After my last class I stayed behind for some tutoring to freshen up some skills I had forgotten in math. It’s amazing how much you forget in a ten year span. Leaving tutoring I felt confident enough to know I can do this. College amazes me with all the resources they provide students, you just need to know how to use them effectively. This time around I’m taking advantage of everything the college has to offer.

Hopefully over time you all will see my writing improve on this blog. I know my English class will help me polish up all my grammatical errors, run on sentences and whatever else is in writing .

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