The Reasons Why I Love My Husband!

Have you ever been inlove with someone? You couldn’t explain why you loved them, you just knew. Just being in the other persons presence meant just enough for you.

I still could never explain fully of how much I love my husband into words. I’m going to try in this short blog post.

I love the person he is. When I first met and started dating my now husband, he was very shy and reserved. Over the last 9 years my husband has opened up to me in more ways I could have ever imagined. My husband is still shy and reserved in some ways but not completely. If you get to know my husband you realize this man is super hilarious and doesn’t even try to be. Sometimes I cry laughing at his silliness.
I love the way he loves me. I haven’t been the easiest person to love. Sometimes I fall short but no matter how I feel, my husband loves me through unconditionally.
It’s almost instinct for him to love me so much.

I love the way he’s a great father to our son. Growing up I didn’t have a father but I had a great man step up and step in. My “dad” Orlando basically left a blueprint of what a father should be. My husband Jason has exceeded all the expectations and qualities of a great father. Our son is so blessed to have a father not only who adores him and care for him, but a father who loves him unconditionally.
I love that he’s a protector and provider. When I say provider I’m not just saying financially, I mean emotionally as well. I love that my husband will find some way to make sure his son and I never want for anything. The sacrifices my husband makes never goes unnoticed.

I love that my husband is making himself better. In order for a man to truly love his family and himself he must Love God, because it is God who loved first. In this walk that we have with Christ it has been a journey awaiting and it hasn’t been easy. God is changing us both so much on the inside it’s starting to reflect our actions and life. My husband has always been a sweetie pie but now days he’s sweeter than pie. I know that it’s through Christ he’s able to love us and himself better.

I love that my husband loves my side of the family, and they love him so much. My husband enjoys all the things we do, games,gatherings and fellowship we have with one another. If you ask my hubby to do something, he will do it without hesitation to make sure you’re straight. Sometimes I’m not always on board but his willingness always gets me on board. You would think that my husband was related to my relatives because he fits in so well. 

I love that my husband is my husband. I never understood why my other relationships never worked out, but the day I married my husband I knew why. God had this man, this special man waiting just for me. A man who would love me and a man I could love with my entire heart.

My husband challenges me in ways I didn’t know I could be challenged. I love that their is someone pushing me to be a better person, a better wife and a better mother.

It hasn’t been the easiest road in marriage but I just love my husband so much. It was never material things or looks that made me love him, it was ALWAYS his heart. Words could never express my love for my husband because he’s so much more than words. I’m excited to continue to grow with my best friend,my partner and the love of my life. You rock babe.
Thanks so much for reading!

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