Walking Away From God

Walking away from God(( all images courtesy of google imaging, I do not own the rights))

I always like to use myself for examples when I write my blog post because I understand so many of you can relate to my experiences.

Nothing can EVER separate us from God’s love. 

 Absolutely Nothing!

God NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us. 

It is us who choose to walk away from God. It is us who make the choice to walk with The Lord.

Even if your walk is shaky, God is saying ” let me place your feet on solid ground”.

We all have a choice, choose God’s love 

It’s breaks my heart when I see believers turning away from God. Especially when I see believers who once had a passion going after Christ. Nothing and no one kept them from church. You knew the believers were consistent and persistent in their walk with Christ.

My first initial question is, what happened? Why did you choose to walk away when you were so close to the creator? 

The joy that the believers once displayed has now diminished and the fire that once ignited the flames brighter than sun has been extinguished.

How can the believers be restored to a fresh love for Christ?

Negativity and false doctrines are stealing the joy of the once believers. This fictional joy of living life without having consequences for personal actions.

The nature of people is that they don’t want to have to answer to anyone. Rules? More of a guideline to please Christ .

I was once the believer who choose to walk away from God for selfish reasons. Too much church and fear of judgement. 
Knowing this thing called pride kept me hindered and locked in my personal hell of foolish thoughts. A young teenager now young adult living dangerously trying to prove I was happy. It’s so easy to pretend and also tiring.

The amazing thing about Christ is that he is a forgiving God. My past transgressions are now forgiven. Christ said I will carry your burdens. ” give me your problems”. My Lord had rescued me.

It took many trials to get me to where I am now, but I’m so glad God took someone like me and made whole. Gave me peace and Joy that no else could ever give me.

God is always tugging on our hearts and minds. The moment we choose to walk away, God says ” I still love you”.

 I have never been worthy of being what the lord has called me to be.

Repentance is key to getting right with God and self. Admitting you’re wrong and that you need God to keep your feet on solid ground. 
The Lord knows our hearts. You must make up your mind to stand for God, to stand for what’s right.

Yes there will be times when trials and troubles will come. There will be mountains we have to climb and oceans we will have to cross. God says he gives you the victory already. 

I have yet to find a good enough reason or excuse to walk away from God.

People will hurt you, situations can play doubt in your mind but trusting God to bring you out on the other side is amazing. Being a believer means trusting God whole heartedly, you can’t be lukewarm in your walk.

I’ve said this before that it’s not enough good examples of Christians living for God. We need enough people living righteous and sending the right message. That’s why I have given myself completely. I fall short everyday of God’s glory but still he has grace and favor over my life.

When I walked away from God, my heart wasn’t right and the victory I once had was lost. The great thing about Jesus is he can restore you, restore what you lost. Now I’m on fire for God. The flame is burning brighter than the sun.

I pray that whomever is reading this knows that God has not forgotten you. If you have walked away from God’s love, just know he’s waiting for you to return with open arms. Nothing or no one could ever separate you from his unconditional love.
Thanks so much for reading!

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