God is NOT a genie

God is NOT a Genie 

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 Writing this blog post has been on my heart so much lately. 

As I’m growing stronger in my personal walk with Christ, I’m learning so much.

I pray that every person who reads my blog takes something good out of it. I honestly speak from my heart and the thoughts that go through it.
 I want to personally thank the people in my life who inspire me to write from my heart.
 Today’s post is called ” God is NOT a genie”.

Many times people will confuse blessings with material possessions and when blessings can be as simple as joy and peace. You can not purchase God’s blessings. The Lords blessings come from heaven. People will often confuse prayer for wishes. God is not your genie. 

So often we can pray for things and it may not be in the Lords plan for us. 

I always try to take the focus off of me when I pray and pray for other people. 
We can be so selfish when it comes to ourselves. Everything seems as it’s always about self. That’s why your intentions when you pray are important, God is always looking at our hearts when we seek him. What’s the motive behind the prayer we ask.

People often get their needs and wants confused. They pray for things and instantly think because they prayed for it that God is instantly suppose to give what we ask. God is not your Genie, he’s not conforming to your will, God has a plan already. 

You can’t expect God to give you wishes, wishes is not faith. Jesus taught us to have faith, to trust and go to him prayer. 

I heard this saying ” some of God’s best blessings are unanswered prayers”. I find that so true. If it’s in God’s will it shall be done in Jesus name. 

Many times people will use scripture out of context and use it for their personal gain. Sinners will always justify their actions and use scripture out of what it really means. 
It’s important to spend time with God and actually read and study the word of God.

Yes, God can bless us with material things but blessings are more spiritual such as peace,joy, freedom, happiness, and commitment with God.


I’m guilty of praying and asking God for something and when it didn’t happen I just told myself that it wasn’t in Gods plan right now. I’m still positive and hopeful but God just said not right now. 

Sometimes God’s answer won’t always be no, it just means not right now. Just because something doesn’t happen when you want it to it just means to keep praying, keep having faith and ask God to do whatever it is according to his will.

God will always be there for you. Sometimes we pray for selfish reasons and God says I’m trying to protect you and although you pray for this certain thing or person, I’m protecting you.

 If God was to give us everything we asked for he wouldn’t be our God anymore he would be our slave. Think about it!

When we go to God in prayer we build a relationship with him. We are relying on him, we are trusting him and we are believing that his will be done. FAITH. You’re trusting The Lord to bring you out on the other side. You’re believing God to take care of you even when you’re up against the world.

 I  would tell the person who is reading this, that God hears you, he has not forgotten you. God loves you so much.  

There is a difference from wishful positive thinking and having faith. Faith is so important, continue to trust in The Lord’s plan for you. Walk in your purpose. Remember without Faith it’s impossible to please God.

Thank you so much for reading!

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One thought on “God is NOT a genie

  1. I just loved this Mia, the way you spoke reminded of my dear grandfather, he was a minister and had such a strong relationship with God.
    He told me many times that just because we think our prayers were not answered doesn’t mean he wasn’t listening but it wasn’t in his plan for us at that moment.
    Another thing I took from my grandfather was to center your prayers around others, he would end each prayer with “make us ever mindful of the needs of others” . It’s something that has stayed with me my whole life, only recently my brother received some sad news about a good friend and I happened to be at my brothers house when he received the news, we prayed as a family for this man, my brother told him we had done so and it moved him to tears .
    Thank you for such a wonderful read and for a reminder that God is always listening 🙏🏻
    Lisa 😘


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