The Reasons Why I Love My Husband!

Have you ever been inlove with someone? You couldn’t explain why you loved them, you just knew. Just being in the other persons presence meant just enough for you.

I still could never explain fully of how much I love my husband into words. I’m going to try in this short blog post.

I love the person he is. When I first met and started dating my now husband, he was very shy and reserved. Over the last 9 years my husband has opened up to me in more ways I could have ever imagined. My husband is still shy and reserved in some ways but not completely. If you get to know my husband you realize this man is super hilarious and doesn’t even try to be. Sometimes I cry laughing at his silliness.
I love the way he loves me. I haven’t been the easiest person to love. Sometimes I fall short but no matter how I feel, my husband loves me through unconditionally.
It’s almost instinct for him to love me so much.

I love the way he’s a great father to our son. Growing up I didn’t have a father but I had a great man step up and step in. My “dad” Orlando basically left a blueprint of what a father should be. My husband Jason has exceeded all the expectations and qualities of a great father. Our son is so blessed to have a father not only who adores him and care for him, but a father who loves him unconditionally.
I love that he’s a protector and provider. When I say provider I’m not just saying financially, I mean emotionally as well. I love that my husband will find some way to make sure his son and I never want for anything. The sacrifices my husband makes never goes unnoticed.

I love that my husband is making himself better. In order for a man to truly love his family and himself he must Love God, because it is God who loved first. In this walk that we have with Christ it has been a journey awaiting and it hasn’t been easy. God is changing us both so much on the inside it’s starting to reflect our actions and life. My husband has always been a sweetie pie but now days he’s sweeter than pie. I know that it’s through Christ he’s able to love us and himself better.

I love that my husband loves my side of the family, and they love him so much. My husband enjoys all the things we do, games,gatherings and fellowship we have with one another. If you ask my hubby to do something, he will do it without hesitation to make sure you’re straight. Sometimes I’m not always on board but his willingness always gets me on board. You would think that my husband was related to my relatives because he fits in so well. 

I love that my husband is my husband. I never understood why my other relationships never worked out, but the day I married my husband I knew why. God had this man, this special man waiting just for me. A man who would love me and a man I could love with my entire heart.

My husband challenges me in ways I didn’t know I could be challenged. I love that their is someone pushing me to be a better person, a better wife and a better mother.

It hasn’t been the easiest road in marriage but I just love my husband so much. It was never material things or looks that made me love him, it was ALWAYS his heart. Words could never express my love for my husband because he’s so much more than words. I’m excited to continue to grow with my best friend,my partner and the love of my life. You rock babe.
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Family Day: Water Park Fun

One of the biggest things I’m thankful for in my life is my family. God has blessed me beyond measure when it comes to them.

Recently we had a family day of fun since Summer is ending soon. We decided to go to Water Country USA. My husband has never been before and the last time Jaxon and I went he was 1 years old.

Jaxon our now 2 in half year old really enjoyed himself. Having a son who isn’t scared to swim and slide down slides is great and scary at the same time. This mama was having mini heart attacks from all of this adventurous fun with my tiny human.

I haven’t really talked about my Niece Arianna on a blog post before. Allow me to introduce my beautiful princess, Ari is 7 years old and one of the greatest little humans I know. Jaxon and Ari are favorite cousins. Despite their small age gap, they’re as close as brother and sister. 

I love the bond my niece and son share. During the whole water park trip the two of them spent 99 percent of the time together. Riding slides and floating in a two person float under the water fall. Wherever Ari was, Jaxon wasn’t too far behind.

Not only did we get to spend time with family, we made memories. I got to just sit down and talk to my sister who is my person. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up and busy with life. Taking time to spend with your family is so important, especially because life isn’t promised tomorrow.

My sister Shanae and I shared one of those churro’s sticks. The churro stick is a cinnamon sugary delightful Spanish dessert. Oh it was delicious. Flashbacks laughing out loud.

 My boys, my heart, and my everything.
I love seeing how great of a father my husband Jason is. Out of all the titles my husband carries, being a husband and father are the best. The way my husband loves our son is the greatest love.

After readjustment of my husband being home 3 months after deployment it has been a good transition.

I really enjoyed having this fun day with my loved ones.  All I ever dreamed of when I was a little girl was for a family of my own. A family to love and adore.

The joy of having my husband and child is amazing. I’m happy that I’m close with my sister and her family. We ALWAYS do fun things together. I just wanted to share the people who keep me going, the people who make my life, and my family who give me purpose.

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Walking Away From God

Walking away from God(( all images courtesy of google imaging, I do not own the rights))

I always like to use myself for examples when I write my blog post because I understand so many of you can relate to my experiences.

Nothing can EVER separate us from God’s love. 

 Absolutely Nothing!

God NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us. 

It is us who choose to walk away from God. It is us who make the choice to walk with The Lord.

Even if your walk is shaky, God is saying ” let me place your feet on solid ground”.

We all have a choice, choose God’s love 

It’s breaks my heart when I see believers turning away from God. Especially when I see believers who once had a passion going after Christ. Nothing and no one kept them from church. You knew the believers were consistent and persistent in their walk with Christ.

My first initial question is, what happened? Why did you choose to walk away when you were so close to the creator? 

The joy that the believers once displayed has now diminished and the fire that once ignited the flames brighter than sun has been extinguished.

How can the believers be restored to a fresh love for Christ?

Negativity and false doctrines are stealing the joy of the once believers. This fictional joy of living life without having consequences for personal actions.

The nature of people is that they don’t want to have to answer to anyone. Rules? More of a guideline to please Christ .

I was once the believer who choose to walk away from God for selfish reasons. Too much church and fear of judgement. 
Knowing this thing called pride kept me hindered and locked in my personal hell of foolish thoughts. A young teenager now young adult living dangerously trying to prove I was happy. It’s so easy to pretend and also tiring.

The amazing thing about Christ is that he is a forgiving God. My past transgressions are now forgiven. Christ said I will carry your burdens. ” give me your problems”. My Lord had rescued me.

It took many trials to get me to where I am now, but I’m so glad God took someone like me and made whole. Gave me peace and Joy that no else could ever give me.

God is always tugging on our hearts and minds. The moment we choose to walk away, God says ” I still love you”.

 I have never been worthy of being what the lord has called me to be.

Repentance is key to getting right with God and self. Admitting you’re wrong and that you need God to keep your feet on solid ground. 
The Lord knows our hearts. You must make up your mind to stand for God, to stand for what’s right.

Yes there will be times when trials and troubles will come. There will be mountains we have to climb and oceans we will have to cross. God says he gives you the victory already. 

I have yet to find a good enough reason or excuse to walk away from God.

People will hurt you, situations can play doubt in your mind but trusting God to bring you out on the other side is amazing. Being a believer means trusting God whole heartedly, you can’t be lukewarm in your walk.

I’ve said this before that it’s not enough good examples of Christians living for God. We need enough people living righteous and sending the right message. That’s why I have given myself completely. I fall short everyday of God’s glory but still he has grace and favor over my life.

When I walked away from God, my heart wasn’t right and the victory I once had was lost. The great thing about Jesus is he can restore you, restore what you lost. Now I’m on fire for God. The flame is burning brighter than the sun.

I pray that whomever is reading this knows that God has not forgotten you. If you have walked away from God’s love, just know he’s waiting for you to return with open arms. Nothing or no one could ever separate you from his unconditional love.
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God is NOT a genie

God is NOT a Genie 

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 Writing this blog post has been on my heart so much lately. 

As I’m growing stronger in my personal walk with Christ, I’m learning so much.

I pray that every person who reads my blog takes something good out of it. I honestly speak from my heart and the thoughts that go through it.
 I want to personally thank the people in my life who inspire me to write from my heart.
 Today’s post is called ” God is NOT a genie”.

Many times people will confuse blessings with material possessions and when blessings can be as simple as joy and peace. You can not purchase God’s blessings. The Lords blessings come from heaven. People will often confuse prayer for wishes. God is not your genie. 

So often we can pray for things and it may not be in the Lords plan for us. 

I always try to take the focus off of me when I pray and pray for other people. 
We can be so selfish when it comes to ourselves. Everything seems as it’s always about self. That’s why your intentions when you pray are important, God is always looking at our hearts when we seek him. What’s the motive behind the prayer we ask.

People often get their needs and wants confused. They pray for things and instantly think because they prayed for it that God is instantly suppose to give what we ask. God is not your Genie, he’s not conforming to your will, God has a plan already. 

You can’t expect God to give you wishes, wishes is not faith. Jesus taught us to have faith, to trust and go to him prayer. 

I heard this saying ” some of God’s best blessings are unanswered prayers”. I find that so true. If it’s in God’s will it shall be done in Jesus name. 

Many times people will use scripture out of context and use it for their personal gain. Sinners will always justify their actions and use scripture out of what it really means. 
It’s important to spend time with God and actually read and study the word of God.

Yes, God can bless us with material things but blessings are more spiritual such as peace,joy, freedom, happiness, and commitment with God.


I’m guilty of praying and asking God for something and when it didn’t happen I just told myself that it wasn’t in Gods plan right now. I’m still positive and hopeful but God just said not right now. 

Sometimes God’s answer won’t always be no, it just means not right now. Just because something doesn’t happen when you want it to it just means to keep praying, keep having faith and ask God to do whatever it is according to his will.

God will always be there for you. Sometimes we pray for selfish reasons and God says I’m trying to protect you and although you pray for this certain thing or person, I’m protecting you.

 If God was to give us everything we asked for he wouldn’t be our God anymore he would be our slave. Think about it!

When we go to God in prayer we build a relationship with him. We are relying on him, we are trusting him and we are believing that his will be done. FAITH. You’re trusting The Lord to bring you out on the other side. You’re believing God to take care of you even when you’re up against the world.

 I  would tell the person who is reading this, that God hears you, he has not forgotten you. God loves you so much.  

There is a difference from wishful positive thinking and having faith. Faith is so important, continue to trust in The Lord’s plan for you. Walk in your purpose. Remember without Faith it’s impossible to please God.

Thank you so much for reading!


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Today post is a little bit different, it’s actually inspired by a recent survey I took. The survey asked several people what happiness meant to them.
 Is happiness being thankful for what you have or is happiness something you have to go out and get?
You could give a short or long explanation on what happiness meant to you.

Happiness to me means being thankful in all circumstances and trials. Happiness is being thankful for what you have and making the best of life.

If you would have asked me several years ago what happiness was I would have given a different answer. I was in a different place in my life than I am now. I continue to evolve but my happiness has expanded. I stopped putting conditions on people and even things.

Many times I’ve heard people say that another person brings them happiness. Several times I’ve heard people say material possessions brings them happiness. I learned that material things and even people only bring contemporary happiness. Only a moment of gratification and satisfaction that soon disappears. 

So many times we put limits on the people we love and our happiness is only temporary until they upset us.

Feelings are funny, feelings can be inconsistent like having mood swings. One minute we are happy and the next we can be sad. Feelings are constantly changing like the seasons. Never feel sorry for your own emotions. But take time to evaluate them accordingly.

People will let you down always if you put them before God. Many times we put so much faith in people that they end up failing our expectations. Setting the bar high, and putting limits on people is a setup for failure.

God says you should not put anything or anyone before him. You will always end up losing so much more if you do that. You can end up losing yourself in the process. Have you ever felt like you lost yourself? I have. It’s not easy to admit that you have lost yourself.

Stop looking for happiness in people or the same place you lost it. 

I see this so much of people going back with a person or place to be “happy” and they end up right back in that dark place. The person or place brought heartaches, drama, hurt and pain. Why would you want to subject yourself back to the person or place you lost your happiness in the first place? Be free and start over and find your true happiness. 

God can heal the broken hearted and restore your happiness. We must live according to his plan. You can’t be out of the will of God and think that you’re going to blessed. It’s true you will have trouble but if you trust God you will ALWAYS have the victory.  

It’s so important to be a person of forgiveness and have empathy. But don’t be foolish, use your discernment wisely. Always forgive and love whole heartedly. Positive vibes and positive mind leads a positive life. You attract what and who you are.

Do you remember the first time you felt sadness for thinking about when you once were happy or in a good place in life? I have. The past is the past for a reason. If the past tries to call,send it to voicemail.
Thank God for Jesus
We all have personal issues that will try to consume us and mess with our minds. That is a trick of the enemy. Remember no matter what the issue may be, you are more than a conqueror. There is so much to be thankful for in life, when you start being thankful for what you have, and who you are then you realize you have more than enough.

Envy and jealousy can rob you of your own true happiness. Whenever you think about not being happy, think of the person who wishes they could have a fraction of the happiness you have. Living for God is true happiness. God gives us hope and purpose.

Happiness lies within all of us. Never forget that!

Thanks for reading! See ya in the next post