Dead On The Inside: Stop Giving YOURSELF Away

We are living in a time surrounded by millions of people and yet so many feel alone and broken.

People think that sex can fix brokenness, but it can do the complete opposite. 

You must love and value yourself first before anyone else can love and value you. 

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Many people think that sex with multiple partners fixes problems or will make others love them. Or sex without being married (fornication) is okay. When in reality sex can cause confusion and problems. Sex can cause unnecessary drama and leave your spirit dead on the inside.

No judgment 

 I’m not here to judge you or anyone but the truth will always be the truth. But I know it’s wrong not to love and respect your own body.
The Risks

Even if you’re not Christian, there are so many things you are risking giving your body away. Disease is one of the first things I think of because you don’t know all the people the other person has been with and the persons before that. 

Second thing that crosses my mind is your spirt. Your spirit is the essence of who you are. Your spirt dwells in your body, your temple.

Stop giving your body away

Our body is sacred. Stop giving your body away. If someone truly loves you they will marry you. Not only is a marriage a commitment to God but it’s to one another. God gave us these bodies so that his Holy Spirit dwells and live in us. Your own spirt is beautiful, it’s a gift. You CANNOT share with everyone.

Do you ever wonder why certain spirits hang around you or on you? It’s because the spirits you are carrying from others. Being intimate with someone gives the other person permission to dwell in the most sacred place, your body, your temple.

Hating ourselves 

We can look in the mirror at ourselves and hate who see. You can look back and feel the emptiness and brokenness in ourselves. We are more than conquerors. We are more than some object for gratification.

Marriage is BEAUTIFUL 

No matter what the world says” Marriage is the most beautiful thing, especially if it’s lined up with and for God”. I know personal experience that marriage is beautiful when God is in it.

When I got married I gave not only my mind and my heart but my body to someone who respects me and I respect him. Marriage is a life long commitment to one another.

SEX isn’t just physical

Sex isn’t just physical, it’s emotional too. That’s how it can be so easy to get attached to someone. What makes our bodies so special is that we carry, the mind, and soul. You’re trusting someone else with the most beautiful thing, you.
Research shows

Interesting Fact: I was reading this article that a recent scientific study shows that every man that a woman has had a sexual encounter with leaves a bit of their DNA in your blood. 

Words from the wise 

My mentor said it best, ” God will not send you someone who will push you away from him. God will NOT want you to be with someone who causes you turn away from his word and actively sin together.”
Guilt or shame 

Please don’t have guilt or shame. Give all your hurt to Jesus. 

God sent Jesus so that we may repent and be forgiven. I know for myself that God is a healer, he forgives and most important, he loves me.

God loves you too.


If you’re a person who gets lonely, one of the best things you can do is get so close to God. God will wrap you up in his love. Pray that God sends you a person that loves him first and will love you too. Don’t forget that you must love and respect yourself  always. Nothing or no one is worth compromising yourself for. 

Thank you for reading! Xo 😘 Mia

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