Building Other Women Up, Not Tearing Them Down

It’s important for women to empower one another. For other women to build you up, not tearing you down.

We are NOT opponents or competition 

At a young age I learned very quickly that females like to compete with one another. Everything is a competition, the women you meet is your opponent. Society from the beginning of time has planted the lie of envious and jealousy behavior of one another. No matter what, you must be better than the woman next to you. I’m here to tell you that’s a lie. I’m not your competition or opponent. 

 We all have been judged

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I think every woman has been judged before someone actually gets to know you. Usually it’s other women who will gossip and sometimes spread lies about you so that others won’t find you appealing. Sometimes women will hate you because the way others love you. Sometimes women hate you just because you’re you.

Nothing wrong with you

I’m here today to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you and that if you want women to be more loving and compassionate, be that woman.

Be the friend that you want others to be.

My experience 

I’ve experienced all sides. Women will hate me for absolutely NO REASON. I remember in high school me and another girl I worked with clashed so much. We ended up getting in this big argument at work and they made us have a sit down. We didn’t know why we didn’t like each other, we just knew that we weren’t friends. I remember the girl saying in the sit down,” I want to get to know you and be friends”. Crazy how that played out, me and the girl became the best of friends and still are friends this day.


I wrote a previous blog post about outgrowing people( make sure you go back and read it). I’ve had female friends that I had outgrown and stopped being friends altogether. It’s okay to outgrow people.

Show up

I personally love having genuine,positive, beautiful inside and out women friends. I love supporting other women. It’s always important to show love. Show up for your women friends.

Still show love

You’re probably thinking “well you can’t be friends with every woman”. This is true, but Christ teaches us to love on another. Although I’m very nice, I can be very stand off-ish( is that even a word?) when you first meet me. I love to get a feel for your personality and who you are. Usually I look at how you interact with other people. I say this many times in my writings, you must have discernment. Use caution, because not everyone has a good heart or good intentions. Still show love, you never know who you may impact with a simple hello or smile.

Need love the most

Usually the women who come off very hard , rough around the edges, and mean- usually are the ones who need love the most. If we as women show love to one another even if she doesn’t care for you, you can “win” her by showing love.

I dare you

I dare each woman reading this, talk to another woman you don’t normally speak to. You might be a blessing and she might be a blessing. Sometimes you can block your own blessing by staying to yourself.


Be careful of the women who gossip about other women to you. Just because someone else’s experience was unpleasant, that doesn’t mean yours will be.

Don’t be afraid 

Don’t be afraid of empowering another woman. Just because you compliment another woman it doesn’t take away from your beauty.  It doesn’t make you less of who and what you are. That’s a FACT!
Just because you support another woman it doesn’t take away from what you have going on. When we learn to love one another, we make the world better.

There is room for all of us. If you’re successful or trying to reach a certain level, it doesn’t matter if  we all can’t eat at the same table. A woman who helps another woman reach her level of success is a woman who truly has everything.
Supporting one another 

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There so much beauty in loving, supporting, empowering one another, especially women. I want to be friends with the women who build other women up, not tear them down.
Thanks for reading.
Xo Mia 😘

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One thought on “Building Other Women Up, Not Tearing Them Down

  1. One thing I have found is that those girlfriends who gossip about others all the time, tend to do the same about you to other people. You have to really pay attention to people. Because whatever version of themselves they show you, is what everyone else gets. Great post as always! ❤


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