Protecting YOUR Marriage 

Protecting your marriage

 In a society where the divorce rate is so high at 50 percent, people who marry are likely to end in divorce. I’m no expert, but I definitely see a problem here. There are many factors and variables for divorce.

 I’m no way judging or being hypocritical. I just feel compelled to tell you, protect YOUR marriage.


One of the most special things I have is my marriage. It’s when I took important vows before God and the man I love. I said some important things to an important person. I didn’t say vows to my mom, to my dad or my sister and brothers.

I said vows to my best friend in the entire world. I gave my word to love through it all and he said the same thing, all sealed with a kiss.
The Bible says a man who finds a wife, finds a good thing.

Marriage is a lot of hard work. You’re constantly trying to please and do well by one another. Marriage is constant forgiveness of one another. 

Completely naked

Marriage is being completely naked with one another. Naked meaning bare, meaning your true self. Naked meaning being vulnerable and expecting the person you love to cherish your heart .

One of the BIGGEST problems I’ve seen, is when you let other people into your marriages. When you share problems to someone other than your spouse, you open your relationship to everyone. And no one has that right to have access to your private life.

That means every Tom,Dock, and Harry will have some opinion if you let them. Never allow your emotions to get so big that you try to embarrass or hurt your spouse. Remember not everything is for everyone, protect your marriage.
People who aren’t happy with themselves or life want to see you miserable. It’s so important that when you seek advice from anyone that you’re careful about who it’s from. Not everyone’s intentions are good. Make sure the advice you receive encourages you. If the advice you get sounds detrimental, close your ears. Always have discernment.

You’re a team

Always remember why the both of you fell inlove and remember you’re on the same team. In order to be a great team, you have to work together.

Being strong when the other is weak

Sometimes one of you may have to be the stronger person when the other is feeling weak. Never stop encouraging one another. The moments come, but you must never give up. Stand strong. Continue to grow together, not apart. When you grow together you will thrive better.

God can change the situation 

Even when I wasn’t close to God as I am now, I always would pray. Prayer is one of the BEST things to have in a marriage. Praying not for only yourself but for your spouse, and for your marriage. If you really love someone, pray for them. God can change any situation around or person.
Forgiveness is one of the greatest things in marriage. Marriages require perpetual (continuous)forgiveness.

Sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen. Remember everyone, every relationship goes through things, through situations but everything is to build the bond stronger.

Don’t share everything

What makes marriage special is the memories you build, and the inside jokes. Don’t tell everyone all the things you share. It’s nice to have just something to yourself. That’s another thing I learned and it makes it special.

No marriages are the same

I’ve said this before, but don’t compare your love story to someone else’s love story. You don’t know what another couple has gone through to get where they are.

No perfect relationship 

I never want to sound like I have the “perfect” relationship or I’m better. Christ is my husband and I foundation. With a good foundation it’s hard to break. Many obstacles, situations, people and circumstances will try to crack the house( which is us) but because our foundation is strong, it cannot prevail. Christ is holding us up. Love,patience,forgiveness,communication,connection,effort,dedication,and commitment are the blocks of the house. 
Our love for Christ and one another is the stuff in between holding us together.

Remember no matter what you’re going through protect your marriage. Marriage is beautiful. Marriage is meant to glorify God.
 Marriage is valuable. Protect your love for one another.

Thanks for reading!

 See you all in the next post
Xo Mia😘

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