Outgrowing People

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The older I get, the more I realize that people change. I’m constantly changing and evolving(for the better).

Some people change for the better and some people stay the same. The people who change for the better have a different mind set of becoming better, they grow and mature. The people who stay the same, don’t ever change and stay stuck. 

Now that I’m getting closer to 30, I finally feel like I’ve grown up. 

Not because of age, but because my mindset is different. 

The real change in me took place the moment my son was born. The life I use to live was no more, no longer about me. My priorities changed, my life was no longer mine. The focus shifted from me to my tiny human. A child who I love more than myself. The biggest change is when I finally stopped running from God and gave him all of me. I’m all in for Jesus Christ and I’m not turning back, not this time. Nothing you could ever say or do could convince me that my life before Jesus was better.

I never realize the more you walk in your purpose the more things change. The more you change. There is a reason why people come in and out your life. Every person is either a lesson or a blessing. Sometimes you have to learn how to become more than a conqueror. God is always preparing us to grow. The more I’m changing on the inside, the more I’m changing on the outside.

Outgrowing people means that sometimes you may have to stand alone. The crowds you use to hang with it are staying “stuck”. My pastor talked about how sometimes you can outgrow your own family too. Growing isn’t limited to only your friends.

I’ve learned that negative and unhappy people can drain a person. If that’s all you accompany yourself around, you’re stuck. You have to learn to speak life into yourself and situations. Life is about happiness. Taking care of yourself is important. Bettering yourself is important. Accomplishing self goals are important and most important, loving yourself. Loving yourself means walking away from anything or anyone that might hurt you. People will hurt you. Forgive them. You may never get an apology that you deserve , but don’t let unforgiveness sit on your heart. When you’re able to do this, that’s when you realize you have outgrown that old life.

Personal experience 
I know from personal experience that I don’t need certain individuals in my life that are constantly hurting me. Christ teaches us to love and forgive. I can love you from a distance,but that doesn’t mean I have to have you in my life destroying my feelings. God gives us discernment and we must use it. It protects us when we need it. We don’t have to be foolish and let people hurt us. You can distance yourself and move on.

Sometimes you outgrow people, and that’s alright. Don’t ever feel ashamed with growing.

Never let someone make you feel bad because you have grown and they’re stuck. Life is about progression and moving forward. I can love and support you from a distance.

My sisters motto is, ” I’m going to let you live your life, and let me live mine”. 

I love her motto so much, it’s true. 

Choose growth

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The people who stay “stuck” , thinks the world owes them something. But no one owes you anything. Stuck or growing, the world is still moving. The world isn’t stopping for you. Choose growth. Choose happiness.

 You may lose a few friends or family along the way and it’s okay. Anyone who understands your journey will support you. Not everyone is meant to come along. Always remember the people cheering you on and the ones who are silent during your success.

If you’re reading this and you need some encouragement, just know everything will be alright. Outgrowing people doesn’t mean you don’t like or love someone anymore; it just means you are progressing and growing. 

Settling and being content only blocks your growth. Life is so much more.
Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

Xo Mia 😘

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