Finding the positives in your life: A few tips and tricks

Finding The positives in your life!!!(Image courtesy of google imaging)

In today’s society it’s so hard finding the positives in your life.

 I’m here today to share a few tips on finding the positives and enjoying life. I’m no expert, but these help me.

1. Make a list- make a list of all the people and things you’re thankful for. Example: I’m grateful for my health. I’m thankful for my family.

2. Start each day with a positive thought- Declare in the morning that, “today is going to be a good day”. Positive mind equals positive vibes.

3. Surround yourself with positive people- I think it’s important to be around people who are full of life, that build you up. Negative people can drain the life and energy out of you. Don’t let their problems become yours.

4. Time for yourself- find time for yourself. It’s important to take care of you. You have to be good first before everyone else is good.

5. Compliment someone- I always found that if I say something nice to someone else, it helps them. You can really make your day better by making someone else smile. Shift the focus off of you to someone else.

6. Just eat the cheesecake- so you’re watching your calories, but you deserve the cheesecake. You live once. Eat the slice, extra strawberries please.

7. Read a good book- nothing like a good fictional suspense thriller book. Making time to read also stimulates the mind and builds your vocabulary. A good book can put you in a good space.

8. Go for a walk- the best way to clear your mind is to go for a walk. You can admire,observe and look at the beauty of nature. Enjoy breathing in fresh air.

9. Dance like no ones looking- get in your car and turn the radio all the way up and have jam session. Sing to the top of your lungs. I promise you will instantly feel AMAZING.

10. Repeat steps 1-9 of finding the positives in your life.

I hope you enjoyed these helpful tips and tricks. 

See you in the next blog post.

Xo Mia 😘

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