God bless the broken road that led me back to him

God bless the broken road that led me straight back to him.
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I know I’ve shared bits and pieces of my testimony of how I’ve been through so much in my life.

So many decisions of others and the consequences of their actions that has shaped the individual that I am. 
I decided to share a piece of my journey to forgiveness and restoring my faith.


My husband was deployed 15 months. If you haven’t ever experienced a deployment, it’s where your significant other is away serving their (our)country.
Being a military family is hard especially when you have children. So much falls on the other parent. The responsibilities that the spouse takes on is a lot, almost too much for someone. Instead of taking on one role, you take on two.

I had to make decisions sometimes without my husband, sometimes the decisions were difficult.

Having to rely on yourself and family is tough. I have said this and I won’t ever stop saying this but my family was and is always my BIGGEST support system. I got really blessed in that department. 

I had friends and other people who said they were going to be there fo my son and I when my husband deployed and never was. I barely got a phone calls. Seemed like everyone was dropping like flies. 

Deployment really changed me and my thought process to everyone.

I had a sense of high expectations for people and they failed because I placed the bar so high.

Hurt feelings 

I had to get to a place where I wasn’t going to let people hurt my feelings. So I stop caring. When you stop caring it can be very dangerous. Not only dangerous for you but for them. If they didn’t care at all, why should I was my thoughts. 


Unforgiveness can weigh on your heart and God says we must forgive so that we can be forgiven.


Building my faith

I started to read my bible more, shifting my focus. I became the person I needed. I started to encourage myself. I started praying more. Most times I didn’t know what to pray. Building my faith up stronger and stronger.

Going to church consistently 

I started going back to church consistently a few months before my husband came back home. I had to make myself go. I realized that church was where I needed to be. It was one of the greatest decisions I made. Surrounded by God’s love and God’s people. Church has been so uplifting for me. 

I was so worried that others didn’t show they cared that I had people who genuinely loved my son and I all along in God’s house. Everything that was lacking was sitting right in the Lords house. My sister Shanae is the BEST person in my life. My sister and family have been truly amazing. If you ever need someone to encourage you with God’s word, go to her. Shanae would and still calls me to make sure I’m showing up for church. It makes me laugh sometimes because she doesn’t need to call anymore because I’m consistent in my walk now. I appreciate her doing it though.

One day
One day I received this ugly text message that I have screened shot(not worth sharing). That was so mean, hateful, and rude. This message was from an unknown person. This person tried to hurt my feelings. 

The person who sent it obviously had an issue but it made me think they had an issue not me. It  was so random, especially because I never thought I would get something like that. I’m building my faith and then this message shows up.
What made me upset is that the person questioned my faith and mentioned my child. Two things I don’t EVER play about is my child and my God. I really had to ask God to forgive me and the person whom ever they were. 

I will never understand why people are malicious.

Road to forgiveness 

I’m honestly on a road to forgiveness to all the people who have hurt me. I thank God for Jesus. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things, you’re going to forgive someone(s) who may never apologize or think they have done you wrong. God showed me people’s true colors for whom they really are. I believed it the first time. I won’t let people hurt me again. Instead I pray for them and keep my distance. Praying for people is one of the best things you could ever do.

God is STILL

God is STILL working on me. I’m not worthy some days, but God has showed me he loves me. Even though times I felt alone during deployment,Jesus never left me. Jesus was holding me up when I was weak. 

I’m thankful that the brokenness that WAS, the hurt that hurt me lead me straight back to God. I now know I’m more than a conqueror and everything that happens to me, I already have the victory in.
God bless the broken road that led me back to him
Thanks for reading!

Dead On The Inside: Stop Giving YOURSELF Away

We are living in a time surrounded by millions of people and yet so many feel alone and broken.

People think that sex can fix brokenness, but it can do the complete opposite. 

You must love and value yourself first before anyone else can love and value you. 

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Many people think that sex with multiple partners fixes problems or will make others love them. Or sex without being married (fornication) is okay. When in reality sex can cause confusion and problems. Sex can cause unnecessary drama and leave your spirit dead on the inside.

No judgment 

 I’m not here to judge you or anyone but the truth will always be the truth. But I know it’s wrong not to love and respect your own body.
The Risks

Even if you’re not Christian, there are so many things you are risking giving your body away. Disease is one of the first things I think of because you don’t know all the people the other person has been with and the persons before that. 

Second thing that crosses my mind is your spirt. Your spirit is the essence of who you are. Your spirt dwells in your body, your temple.

Stop giving your body away

Our body is sacred. Stop giving your body away. If someone truly loves you they will marry you. Not only is a marriage a commitment to God but it’s to one another. God gave us these bodies so that his Holy Spirit dwells and live in us. Your own spirt is beautiful, it’s a gift. You CANNOT share with everyone.

Do you ever wonder why certain spirits hang around you or on you? It’s because the spirits you are carrying from others. Being intimate with someone gives the other person permission to dwell in the most sacred place, your body, your temple.

Hating ourselves 

We can look in the mirror at ourselves and hate who see. You can look back and feel the emptiness and brokenness in ourselves. We are more than conquerors. We are more than some object for gratification.

Marriage is BEAUTIFUL 

No matter what the world says” Marriage is the most beautiful thing, especially if it’s lined up with and for God”. I know personal experience that marriage is beautiful when God is in it.

When I got married I gave not only my mind and my heart but my body to someone who respects me and I respect him. Marriage is a life long commitment to one another.

SEX isn’t just physical

Sex isn’t just physical, it’s emotional too. That’s how it can be so easy to get attached to someone. What makes our bodies so special is that we carry, the mind, and soul. You’re trusting someone else with the most beautiful thing, you.
Research shows

Interesting Fact: I was reading this article that a recent scientific study shows that every man that a woman has had a sexual encounter with leaves a bit of their DNA in your blood. 

Words from the wise 

My mentor said it best, ” God will not send you someone who will push you away from him. God will NOT want you to be with someone who causes you turn away from his word and actively sin together.”
Guilt or shame 

Please don’t have guilt or shame. Give all your hurt to Jesus. 

God sent Jesus so that we may repent and be forgiven. I know for myself that God is a healer, he forgives and most important, he loves me.

God loves you too.


If you’re a person who gets lonely, one of the best things you can do is get so close to God. God will wrap you up in his love. Pray that God sends you a person that loves him first and will love you too. Don’t forget that you must love and respect yourself  always. Nothing or no one is worth compromising yourself for. 

Thank you for reading! Xo 😘 Mia

Building Other Women Up, Not Tearing Them Down

It’s important for women to empower one another. For other women to build you up, not tearing you down.

We are NOT opponents or competition 

At a young age I learned very quickly that females like to compete with one another. Everything is a competition, the women you meet is your opponent. Society from the beginning of time has planted the lie of envious and jealousy behavior of one another. No matter what, you must be better than the woman next to you. I’m here to tell you that’s a lie. I’m not your competition or opponent. 

 We all have been judged

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I think every woman has been judged before someone actually gets to know you. Usually it’s other women who will gossip and sometimes spread lies about you so that others won’t find you appealing. Sometimes women will hate you because the way others love you. Sometimes women hate you just because you’re you.

Nothing wrong with you

I’m here today to tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you and that if you want women to be more loving and compassionate, be that woman.

Be the friend that you want others to be.

My experience 

I’ve experienced all sides. Women will hate me for absolutely NO REASON. I remember in high school me and another girl I worked with clashed so much. We ended up getting in this big argument at work and they made us have a sit down. We didn’t know why we didn’t like each other, we just knew that we weren’t friends. I remember the girl saying in the sit down,” I want to get to know you and be friends”. Crazy how that played out, me and the girl became the best of friends and still are friends this day.


I wrote a previous blog post about outgrowing people( make sure you go back and read it). I’ve had female friends that I had outgrown and stopped being friends altogether. It’s okay to outgrow people.

Show up

I personally love having genuine,positive, beautiful inside and out women friends. I love supporting other women. It’s always important to show love. Show up for your women friends.

Still show love

You’re probably thinking “well you can’t be friends with every woman”. This is true, but Christ teaches us to love on another. Although I’m very nice, I can be very stand off-ish( is that even a word?) when you first meet me. I love to get a feel for your personality and who you are. Usually I look at how you interact with other people. I say this many times in my writings, you must have discernment. Use caution, because not everyone has a good heart or good intentions. Still show love, you never know who you may impact with a simple hello or smile.

Need love the most

Usually the women who come off very hard , rough around the edges, and mean- usually are the ones who need love the most. If we as women show love to one another even if she doesn’t care for you, you can “win” her by showing love.

I dare you

I dare each woman reading this, talk to another woman you don’t normally speak to. You might be a blessing and she might be a blessing. Sometimes you can block your own blessing by staying to yourself.


Be careful of the women who gossip about other women to you. Just because someone else’s experience was unpleasant, that doesn’t mean yours will be.

Don’t be afraid 

Don’t be afraid of empowering another woman. Just because you compliment another woman it doesn’t take away from your beauty.  It doesn’t make you less of who and what you are. That’s a FACT!
Just because you support another woman it doesn’t take away from what you have going on. When we learn to love one another, we make the world better.

There is room for all of us. If you’re successful or trying to reach a certain level, it doesn’t matter if  we all can’t eat at the same table. A woman who helps another woman reach her level of success is a woman who truly has everything.
Supporting one another 

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There so much beauty in loving, supporting, empowering one another, especially women. I want to be friends with the women who build other women up, not tear them down.
Thanks for reading.
Xo Mia 😘

Protecting YOUR Marriage 

Protecting your marriage

 In a society where the divorce rate is so high at 50 percent, people who marry are likely to end in divorce. I’m no expert, but I definitely see a problem here. There are many factors and variables for divorce.

 I’m no way judging or being hypocritical. I just feel compelled to tell you, protect YOUR marriage.


One of the most special things I have is my marriage. It’s when I took important vows before God and the man I love. I said some important things to an important person. I didn’t say vows to my mom, to my dad or my sister and brothers.

I said vows to my best friend in the entire world. I gave my word to love through it all and he said the same thing, all sealed with a kiss.
The Bible says a man who finds a wife, finds a good thing.

Marriage is a lot of hard work. You’re constantly trying to please and do well by one another. Marriage is constant forgiveness of one another. 

Completely naked

Marriage is being completely naked with one another. Naked meaning bare, meaning your true self. Naked meaning being vulnerable and expecting the person you love to cherish your heart .

One of the BIGGEST problems I’ve seen, is when you let other people into your marriages. When you share problems to someone other than your spouse, you open your relationship to everyone. And no one has that right to have access to your private life.

That means every Tom,Dock, and Harry will have some opinion if you let them. Never allow your emotions to get so big that you try to embarrass or hurt your spouse. Remember not everything is for everyone, protect your marriage.
People who aren’t happy with themselves or life want to see you miserable. It’s so important that when you seek advice from anyone that you’re careful about who it’s from. Not everyone’s intentions are good. Make sure the advice you receive encourages you. If the advice you get sounds detrimental, close your ears. Always have discernment.

You’re a team

Always remember why the both of you fell inlove and remember you’re on the same team. In order to be a great team, you have to work together.

Being strong when the other is weak

Sometimes one of you may have to be the stronger person when the other is feeling weak. Never stop encouraging one another. The moments come, but you must never give up. Stand strong. Continue to grow together, not apart. When you grow together you will thrive better.

God can change the situation 

Even when I wasn’t close to God as I am now, I always would pray. Prayer is one of the BEST things to have in a marriage. Praying not for only yourself but for your spouse, and for your marriage. If you really love someone, pray for them. God can change any situation around or person.
Forgiveness is one of the greatest things in marriage. Marriages require perpetual (continuous)forgiveness.

Sometimes good things happen and sometimes bad things happen. Remember everyone, every relationship goes through things, through situations but everything is to build the bond stronger.

Don’t share everything

What makes marriage special is the memories you build, and the inside jokes. Don’t tell everyone all the things you share. It’s nice to have just something to yourself. That’s another thing I learned and it makes it special.

No marriages are the same

I’ve said this before, but don’t compare your love story to someone else’s love story. You don’t know what another couple has gone through to get where they are.

No perfect relationship 

I never want to sound like I have the “perfect” relationship or I’m better. Christ is my husband and I foundation. With a good foundation it’s hard to break. Many obstacles, situations, people and circumstances will try to crack the house( which is us) but because our foundation is strong, it cannot prevail. Christ is holding us up. Love,patience,forgiveness,communication,connection,effort,dedication,and commitment are the blocks of the house. 
Our love for Christ and one another is the stuff in between holding us together.

Remember no matter what you’re going through protect your marriage. Marriage is beautiful. Marriage is meant to glorify God.
 Marriage is valuable. Protect your love for one another.

Thanks for reading!

 See you all in the next post
Xo Mia😘

Outgrowing People

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The older I get, the more I realize that people change. I’m constantly changing and evolving(for the better).

Some people change for the better and some people stay the same. The people who change for the better have a different mind set of becoming better, they grow and mature. The people who stay the same, don’t ever change and stay stuck. 

Now that I’m getting closer to 30, I finally feel like I’ve grown up. 

Not because of age, but because my mindset is different. 

The real change in me took place the moment my son was born. The life I use to live was no more, no longer about me. My priorities changed, my life was no longer mine. The focus shifted from me to my tiny human. A child who I love more than myself. The biggest change is when I finally stopped running from God and gave him all of me. I’m all in for Jesus Christ and I’m not turning back, not this time. Nothing you could ever say or do could convince me that my life before Jesus was better.

I never realize the more you walk in your purpose the more things change. The more you change. There is a reason why people come in and out your life. Every person is either a lesson or a blessing. Sometimes you have to learn how to become more than a conqueror. God is always preparing us to grow. The more I’m changing on the inside, the more I’m changing on the outside.

Outgrowing people means that sometimes you may have to stand alone. The crowds you use to hang with it are staying “stuck”. My pastor talked about how sometimes you can outgrow your own family too. Growing isn’t limited to only your friends.

I’ve learned that negative and unhappy people can drain a person. If that’s all you accompany yourself around, you’re stuck. You have to learn to speak life into yourself and situations. Life is about happiness. Taking care of yourself is important. Bettering yourself is important. Accomplishing self goals are important and most important, loving yourself. Loving yourself means walking away from anything or anyone that might hurt you. People will hurt you. Forgive them. You may never get an apology that you deserve , but don’t let unforgiveness sit on your heart. When you’re able to do this, that’s when you realize you have outgrown that old life.

Personal experience 
I know from personal experience that I don’t need certain individuals in my life that are constantly hurting me. Christ teaches us to love and forgive. I can love you from a distance,but that doesn’t mean I have to have you in my life destroying my feelings. God gives us discernment and we must use it. It protects us when we need it. We don’t have to be foolish and let people hurt us. You can distance yourself and move on.

Sometimes you outgrow people, and that’s alright. Don’t ever feel ashamed with growing.

Never let someone make you feel bad because you have grown and they’re stuck. Life is about progression and moving forward. I can love and support you from a distance.

My sisters motto is, ” I’m going to let you live your life, and let me live mine”. 

I love her motto so much, it’s true. 

Choose growth

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The people who stay “stuck” , thinks the world owes them something. But no one owes you anything. Stuck or growing, the world is still moving. The world isn’t stopping for you. Choose growth. Choose happiness.

 You may lose a few friends or family along the way and it’s okay. Anyone who understands your journey will support you. Not everyone is meant to come along. Always remember the people cheering you on and the ones who are silent during your success.

If you’re reading this and you need some encouragement, just know everything will be alright. Outgrowing people doesn’t mean you don’t like or love someone anymore; it just means you are progressing and growing. 

Settling and being content only blocks your growth. Life is so much more.
Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

Xo Mia 😘

Finding the positives in your life: A few tips and tricks

Finding The positives in your life!!!(Image courtesy of google imaging)

In today’s society it’s so hard finding the positives in your life.

 I’m here today to share a few tips on finding the positives and enjoying life. I’m no expert, but these help me.

1. Make a list- make a list of all the people and things you’re thankful for. Example: I’m grateful for my health. I’m thankful for my family.

2. Start each day with a positive thought- Declare in the morning that, “today is going to be a good day”. Positive mind equals positive vibes.

3. Surround yourself with positive people- I think it’s important to be around people who are full of life, that build you up. Negative people can drain the life and energy out of you. Don’t let their problems become yours.

4. Time for yourself- find time for yourself. It’s important to take care of you. You have to be good first before everyone else is good.

5. Compliment someone- I always found that if I say something nice to someone else, it helps them. You can really make your day better by making someone else smile. Shift the focus off of you to someone else.

6. Just eat the cheesecake- so you’re watching your calories, but you deserve the cheesecake. You live once. Eat the slice, extra strawberries please.

7. Read a good book- nothing like a good fictional suspense thriller book. Making time to read also stimulates the mind and builds your vocabulary. A good book can put you in a good space.

8. Go for a walk- the best way to clear your mind is to go for a walk. You can admire,observe and look at the beauty of nature. Enjoy breathing in fresh air.

9. Dance like no ones looking- get in your car and turn the radio all the way up and have jam session. Sing to the top of your lungs. I promise you will instantly feel AMAZING.

10. Repeat steps 1-9 of finding the positives in your life.

I hope you enjoyed these helpful tips and tricks. 

See you in the next blog post.

Xo Mia 😘