The reason I can’t watch 13 reasons why on Netflix 🚫

The reason I can’t watch 13 reasons why on Netflix !(Image courtesy of google images)

If you’re a Netflix fanatic like me, you’re constantly excited about the new movies and new series they add. Recently Netflix added a series called 13 reasons why. A show about a young girl who committed suicide and left these tapes behind to people who caused her to take her own life. Let’s be honest, my news feed on my timeline is blowing up daily about how great this show is and how it’s based on the book. I tried to watch the first 5 mins and I had to stop. I then realized that I couldn’t watch this show. This show that everyone loves. My spirit told me to turn it off immediately. I personally have lost a few people close to me to suicide. My anxiety and depression was so bad at the time of each, that I had to be put on medication and attend therapy. Who knew a show would trigger me to get sad all over again? I haven’t even watched the show entirely and here I am saying, ” I can’t watch this”.

 My heart is not ready. Maybe because I feel like that there was so much that was left unspoken. Goodbyes were never said. It has been several years and my heart is still broken.

We live in a world that shames mental illness or locks it away. So many people fail to get treatment. I’m biased when it comes to a show that I’ve never watched because I’ve been through the heartbreak of knowing two great people who did this act, the act of taking their life. I don’t think I will ever watch it, I’ll just take everyone’s word for it that it’s an amazing show. Maybe one day if I get the courage, I can watch. But today is not the day. If yourself or if you know anyone who needs help, please get help. I will link the number (800)273-8255 this line is open 24 hours,7days a week.

Thanks so much for reading