Dear President-Elect Trump

Dear President-Elect Trump,

   I wanted to write you a letter that you will probably won’t ever receive. Today you will become the president of The United States of America, the greatest country on earth. You will hold the highest position that a person can hold.

I personally watched how you insulted women, made fun of people with disabilities, tweeted your anger about other celebrities, scared immigrants with your tactics, refused to release your tax returns, and say climate change isn’t fact and so much more. But some how won the presidency, which still baffles me. You won. Now that we have moved past that, let’s have a little talk. Or should I say let me say a few things.

Many of your supporters would say not to judge you because that’s not who you really are as a person and individual.”You’re just a man trying to make AMERICA great again”. Many of your supporters would say,” give you a fair chance to run the greatest country here on earth”. You see Mr. Trump, I’m a black woman who was raised to know her history and to know where she’s comes from. History doesn’t lie and the struggles of being a person of color is hard. But being black hasn’t stopped me from accomplishing many things in my life and I don’t use that as an excuse. But facts are facts.
As a mother to a beautiful almost two year old biracial boy, who will always be considered black. I’m going to have to explain to him why he will always have to work hard to just prove he is great as the next person. You Mr. Trump have already made things hard with the insensitive things you have said and your plans to keep us divided. I will never understand how someone who says the things you say and get away with it. I know that whatever a person says from their lips, ultimately comes from their hearts. I’m not worried about all the things you have said. What worries me, is what are in your personal thoughts. Your thoughts that no one can hear.

But you know what Mr.Trump? I pray and hope you do EVERYTHING you said and I hope YOUR supporters hold you accountable. Accountability!!!! And because you Mr.Trump fought so hard to win, there is no time for excuses or to blame anyone for the decisions you will make. I hope that you honestly think before you act. Not only are you making decisions for our country,but every decision will have a consequence for the world.

The next four years are going to be tough. It might be a little rough at times. Remember this, this isn’t just a job you can quit or blame others for mistakes.


I personally will be watching and continue watching. Just know I don’t hate you. I hate what you represent.. You can’t erase history and facts. Don’t take America back 300 years.

I hope that if you learn one or two things from being president, the highest position in our land, it’s how to be humble and have compassion. Don’t let your ego ruin our lives


 Staying woke in America 

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