TRUTH:Black Lives Matter❤️

Before you read this, I want you to first open your heart and then your mind. Really open your mind. Because what I’m going to express is some real truth. This may ruffle a few feathers but it’s my blog and I can express my opinion with facts.
When I say BLACK LIVES MATTER, I’m not saying that ALL LIVES don’t matter. Yes, all lives matter but there is clearly a BIGGER problem that needs to be addressed. Here’s a picture that express the difference between the two.
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One thing I love about knowledge, it’s POWER.  That’s why in slavery days it was forbidden. If a slave could read, they would be  beaten or worse, KILLED.

Black lives matter is not a hate group, it was created to bring awareness to injustice that black people face in this country especially with the laws and law enforcement.

Black Lives Matter is a chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life. We are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement(

I’m not anti white people or hate white people. I love white people. Hello, I married one. 
I’m not anti cops👮 or hate cops. It’s sad that people who feel so much hurt in their heart feel like they have to retaliate and kill cops. That’s not what BLM movement is about. It’s sad that there is a war on cops. I don’t condone violence of any sort.

I’m no way playing the victim card

But if you have NEVER been judge for being black, you can’t tell me how I should feel. You can’t even fathom half the things I’ve already been through in my 27 years of life. You can sympathize but you will never really know what it’s like to be black. I can share my struggles left and right. I’ve been humiliated and it’s made me be humble, even when I didn’t or want to be.

I always can tell people who don’t know any black people or have any black friends because they say the most ignorant statements. And it’s unfortunate to see and hear most of the comments. 

    Ask yourself these questions ?
1. Have you ever been pulled over for no apparent reason, but just because you’re in a nice car or neighborhood, you don’t belong?
 It’s called” driving while black”.

Driving while black, abbreviated as DWB, is a phrase in American English that refers to the racial profiling of black drivers. The phrase implies that a motorist might be pulled over by a police officer, questioned, and searched, simply because he or she is black.[-Wikipedia]

🙋🏾I have 

2. Have you ever been followed in a store or accused of stealing? I have🙋🏾 

several occasions,to the point where the cops pulled their guns out on me.{ I made a post about it about 3 years ago.} I wasn’t stealing .

3. Have you ever worked a job where you always were in trouble because you were the black girl? 


4. Or been to a restaurant and get served poorly, while the table across gets perfect service because their skin color is different, the servers stereotype you. ” oh she won’t tip good, because she’s black” 🤔🙋🏾now I’m forced not to tip because service was BAD!

 The list goes on…. So unless you have had any of these situations happen to you, don’t tell me my feelings aren’t valid.

5. I remember in school when a friend of mine who was black got jumped by 5 white girls, I tried to help by defending off these bullies and out of everybody,we were the only two who got suspended. 🤔🤔🤔I still think about that. Two black girls get jumped and suspended  while the white girls got off and they started the fight.

Another instance at my other high school( yes ,I went to two different schools) I was friends with a white girl name Danielle. I will never forget when she told me, I could never come over her house because her family didn’t like black people and she wasn’t allowed to be even be friends with me. I remember asking her what if she wanted to date someone who was black? And she said her dad would disown her. This was almost 10 years ago. So please don’t tell me racism doesn’t exist.
I’ve heard comments about my husband and I as well, that are ignorant too. Won’t go into much detail, but they were hurtful and not worth repeating. It’s 2016 and people don’t like interracial couples and say mean things about biracial children. 
So remember when you comment on my page or say something to me, that I am a black woman. I’m proud of who I AM. When I look in the mirror, I see a queen looking back at me.
I am well educated and I know my history of my people and I know my experiences.. My feelings are valid. My heart is as strong as a lion. No one can change my opinion. I’m a black woman and my son is black. 

This is America 

How is it that we live in the greatest country where immigrants came here to make it great and we are dealing with racism still?

People have lost their lives fighting for every day freedoms but yet black people are still fighting to be treated equally?

I don’t get it. Blows my mind. Wake up.

I will always raise my head high and teach my son the same.

Yes, I support all human life but I’m talking about the injustice that is served EVERY single day. 

I hear this comment way to often, well y’all kill your own people.

Yes,I know black ppl kill their own people every single day. But the same people who kill them go to jail.

But let’s be real. I support blacks lives matter movement. If you actually take the time to read and know about it, you would to.

Don’t forget to pray for our country and for ALL PEOPLE. We need more love and less hate. Check it out for yourself
Xo Mia 😘

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One thought on “TRUTH:Black Lives Matter❤️

  1. I don’t think that the issues black people currently face are because of a lack of understanding by white people. I think that people are intentionally ignorant to the culture that has always been a part of American history for the sake of comfort. It was not comfortable for me when I had to look myself in the mirror and realize I would have had no shot getting my current job if I had been black. It was not comfortable when I looked in the mirror and realized I would have been shot for the interactions I had with the police when I was younger. So, rather than face this discomfort, it is much easier for people to just say that it doesn’t exist. It’s easier to think that we just outwork our black counterparts, or that we are smarter than they are. A large number of Americans are more willing to accept that an entire race of people are inherently more violent and stupid than the racial majority than to even ask if maybe they are not receiving the same treatment we are. I am genuinely afraid of the direction our country is headed in.


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