🇨🇦Canada🇨🇦Eh!Family Vacation Trip

I’m so very excited to write about this year’s annual family vacation trip. How do I fit 5 days into 1 blog post?! Well, I’m going to try. Here it goes…

 This group of people are the coolest, realist, dopest, most loving, fun and crazy bunch who I call family. They say you can’t choose who your family is. Well, I’m so very thankful God gave me this group.

My mother Eleanor has 4 children. Shanae,Henry, Rell and me (her favorite)! Haha, the youngest is always the favorite ,unless you are the only child. My mom taught us to always love one another. Not by just words but actions. 

My sister Shanae organized this wonderful vacation and made it one of the best trips we have all been on so far. Every year each trip triumphs over the last. So I want to thank her for her great skills for always planning and organizing our trips

left to right (Rell,Shanae, Me, and Henry)

Henry is married to Marissa and they have 2 beautiful children.

Rell is married to Kelly and they have 4 beautiful children.

Shanae is married to Lando and they have 3 beautiful children (oldest not pictured)

And me, Mia, married to Jason (is not pictured) with one beautiful son.

Every year my family takes a family trip. We plan months or even a year before. One of the things that I love about family or should I say about MY FAMILY, is that no matter where, or how far away, they will come and visit. No amount of money or lack there of will stop anyone from coming for our get togethers.

It was established a few years ago by my sister that we would make annual family get togethers no matter what. Sometimes it’s difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedule. But for the most part we are together. My brother Rell couldn’t attend the last one, so it had been two years since we’d seen him and the family.

My older brother Rell made up our family slogan/logo “We all we got” when he was a teenager and it has always stuck.

 This year we picked Canada! Eh! What a beautiful place?! Originally my husband was suppose to come but he ended up getting deployed for a year a few months before the trip. My husband still wanted Jaxon and I to enjoy it, so that’s what we did.  

First thing we did once we got to the Hilton Hotel after checking in was go to the pool to SWIM. The pool area had a water slide and 2 big pools. One of the pools was toddler/kid friendly. Jaxon enjoyed swimming with my sister Shanae and I.

One of the days we went to a theme park called Canada Wonderland. It reminds me of the theme park we have in Virginia called Busch Gardens, except this place wasn’t nearly as crowed.  We all wore family shirts as we always do. Same theme different colors. I really loved the color of our shirts this year. It made it really easy to find one another. 

The food at the theme park was pretty good. The best thing I ate was a funnel cake that was topped with powered sugar, vanilla ice cream in the middle and topped with fresh strawberries. Yes, it was so good, makes me want to cuss. Haha. But seriously it was the best 13 dollars I spent. 

I didn’t really ride any rides but only one with Jaxon in SNOOPY LAND. My baby had such a great time and it was so good to be with family. Everyone was obsessed and showering Jaxon with so much love. My sister-in-law, Marissa was trying to win the favorite Aunt award. Although every aunt and uncle is the favorite.

Jackson, Jaxon and Jackson (The Jackson Guys)

This family vacation was the first time my brother Rell got to meet Jaxon. It was bitter sweet. My brothers are such great men, not only good husbands but fathers as well. I respect and love them so much. To honor them, I named my son after them.  So I had to get a picture of them all together❤️! Jaxon was so in love with having his uncles spoil him. 

 We also got to celebrate Canada Day!  It’s basically like Independence Day in the U.S. but in Canada! It was really dope. We went down to Niagara Falls, where the water was lit in red and white colors, the country’s colors. They also had an amazing firework show. It was 100’s of people, maybe more. Good thing our hotel was right across the street(about a 10min walk). What surprised me is how expensive everything was there. I was spending an average of 15 to 20 a meal on just myself😩. Thank God the bank converts the final price to U.S dollars.
We went on the Amazing Skylon tower to see the complete views of Niagara Falls. This was so cool to do. We rode an elevator all the way to the top and was able to see impeccable views.

4th of July was pretty awesome! We got celebrate my sister Shanae’s birthday. Went to a breakfast buffet with the entire gang and enjoyed each other’s company before my brother Henry and his family had to leave. 

“The Horn Blower”

If I had to tell you one thing you should do while in Canada, it would be to do this excursion. One of the most memorable times I had. Definitely the highlight of my vacation. The lines weren’t too bad because my family decided to do it during a week day(4th of July). Wasn’t expensive at all.  The boat basically takes you up close and personal to The Falls. It’s so different seeing it up so close. My hair didn’t survive lol, even with my poncho on.  Jaxon was just amazed as well, he did so good. We all were soaked afterwards.

Overall we had such an AMAZING VACATION! I’m so thankful I was able to connect with my family and enjoy sometime away from home. 

Thank you all for reading! If you made it this far, I love you!

Xo Mia 😘

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