Kingdom Of Bahrain(Part2)

Time for the long awaited part2 to my first post. Sorry it took over a week. With re adjusting to life and being a very busy wife/mom, I finally had time to write. So here it goes….

  Now that my family and I were finally together again after 3 months apart, it meant time to enjoy every moment even if it was for 2 weeks.

To be totally honest I wasn’t ready for all the things I had seen and even learned while there.

I must admit, I had an idea in my mind what I thought it was going to be like in Bahrain. Yeah a preconception! But I told myself to be open minded and try not to judge.The media will have you to believe that Muslim people are just these awful people who hate Americans. But in reality all the people we encountered was super nice, and because of that I will never think the same. This experience changed me. Honestly for the better.

The 1st day was a blast. I could tell my husband was super excited to finally have us there. Jason wanted to show us the lagoon( a place where there is tons of stores and restaurants). So we decided to walk over to the lagoon, it’s about a two minute walk. The place is literally across the street from my husbands condo. Nothing prepared me for the heat. 100 degrees, I mean it was hot. Not like muggy hot in VA, it was a dry hot.

As we walked down I got to see my first real views of the people of Bahrain. The men in their thobe( looks like a white robe) and the women in black,covered in their hijab. It really hit me when I saw a woman covered and the only thing I could see was her eyes. At that very moment I knew I was no longer home in America. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. When I glanced at the woman in the eyes. I just saw a person. I saw another human being.

The thing is, the people we saw when we were out, were doing the same thing my family and I were doing. The only thing is, they were dressed different. I did feel like we stood out more because my husband and I are a interracial couple with a biracial baby. Lol. So it seemed like people stared more. It’s not that many “black” people there either. I definitely stood out like a sore thumb.

We decided to have pizza for lunch, there was a Papa Johns pizza shop and we went in. Jaxon was running around and ran into a fillipino lady who was working. I chased after him and the lady said” he’s beautiful, are you his mother?” I laughed and quickly said ” yes I’m his mother”. I was a little taken back. Never heard that before. Lol. Of course he’s mine. But atleast she had the courage to ask.

Jaxon was so excited to finally be with his daddy. Facebook message is nice to FaceTime, but it’s so much better to be face to face.


While in Bahrain we did a lot of site seeing, eating out, explored the oldest museum and we even went to the camel farm one of the days. The camel farm was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. It was so freakin hot the day we went.

I probably should have dressed better. As you can see from the photo above I had sparkles(hint my blog name) and sandals on. Atleast I was cute. When we arrived, my husband, Jaxon and I were greeted by a man of slim build, tan skin and very nice teeth. Me trying to remember the mans name is impossible. Let’s just call him Fred. Fred was super nice and spoke a good amount of English. 

Fun fact, did you know Arabic is the hardest language to learn? Arabic is the country spoken language. 

Fred was able to educate us on camels. Another fun fact, the camels of Bahrain have one hump, you only find two hump camels in Asia. I learned so much. Jaxon enjoyed himself, he got to feed the camels with his daddy. Me on the other hand I was actually terrified. I don’t do animals, unless it’s our family small 9 pound dog Ava.

We stayed about 30 mins. One of the best times. 

Two weeks went by super fast. My family and I cherished every moment together. I am forever grateful to God and the US Navy for allowing Jaxon and I to visit.

The people of Bahrain were nice. I learned to always be humble. It’s okay to be scared to try a different culture, but as long as you have a open mind, the possibilities are endless.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog. I plan to continue writing on things that I love and inspire me.

Thank you for showing interest in my life.
I tried vlogging a little while we were there. I will leave a link to the video below. Head over and watch⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Xo Mia

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