Kingdom Of Bahrain(Part 1)

Where do I begin? What better way to share my first blog post than sharing my wonderful experience traveling to see my husband. Over 7,000 miles to travel, a two day journey. From Virginia to Bahrain.

 We ended up taking the military flight. The military does this thing called “space a”, space available. It’s definitely a nerve wracking process.

 Long story short, we were able to make the flight. It only cost 17 dollars and some change. I had to pay that times 2.
My son did extremely well. I was so nervous traveling with him. But as a mother, it was obvious I needed to pack my carry on according to Jaxon needs. Tons of snacks, toys, books and basic toddler necessities. On the military website they specifically tell you that entertainment is NOT provided for little ones, so bring your own. So I did just that.

We ended up making two stops before our final destination. Spain and then Italy. I wasn’t able to take pictures because it is a military base and it was strict. No photography of any kind allowed.

Each location had a nursery/play area inside the terminal. I thought it was super convient, especially for families with small children.

I wanted my son to burn as much energy, so he would be tired and sleep on the plane. It worked. Lol

I met so many other moms traveling with small children. This one lady I met in particular, had 2 small boys under the age of 2. I never did get her name but she was so helpful to me. Offered Jaxon snacks and toys. The lady final destination was Italy. 

Food on flight was amazing too. I’m talking gourmet meals. We ate so well. My favorite meal was the Mediterranean chicken with rice pilaf. Yes, I’m having a moment lol. It was so darn good.

The service on the flight was so GREAT, I’m going to write a letter to the ceo of the airline.

We arrived around 3am to Bahrain. One of the local authorities came on the air craft and announced “Welcome to the Kingdom Of Bahrain”. It was a sign of relief for me. I was so excited to get off the plane and see my husband.

Once we exited the plane, there he was, my husband waiting for us under the tent. It was 90 degrees, a mist fan was blowing and there he was standing waiting for us.

Of course I ran over to him with Jaxon in my arms and gave my husband the biggest hug and kiss.

Once we said our hellos. We had to go get Jaxon and I visas for being in the country. We had to pay 50 BD which is 150 US currency. One of the things that I remember is the guy for the visas. A big round fella. He was tan, hairy and a thick mustache. The guy immediately said ” give me your money”. I found it hilarious, he was so concerned about that.

Before you continue reading, if you don’t know where Bahrain is, please google it. It’s basically a small island, it’s smaller than Virginia.

Okay now back to what I was saying. Once we got our visas, it was time to head to my husband condo.

When I tell you that my husband condo is dope I mean it. It’s a gated community and reminds me of a high end hotel.

Walking into my husband place I was in awe. Marble floors and the condo completely furnished. Here’s a view from the master bedroom. Impeccable views. We got to wake up every morning to this

  By the time we got settled in, we were ready for bed. 

Stay tuned for part 2!